Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 26 Jul 18

How much time does it take to start playing the guitar?

by Aleksey Sagandakov

Almost everyone who picks up a guitar for the first time has this question, the answer, however, might be very unpredictable! For many schools and teachers predicting the result is just a marketing move to attract students, so be ready to hear the most incredible promises, stories about the marvelous transformations of beginner into pros and a whole bunch of other tales. Let’s understand this)))

Promises to Keep

by DeAnn Kruempel

Death is a part of life. But Lydi never imagined it would follow her family across the plains from Chicago to the rolling hills of Iowa. Discover the hope and grit of a pre-war family as they cope with the loss of more than a father.
This book feels like a pre-war biography written through the eyes and ears of a ten-year-old farm girl. Feel the soft, green grass between your feet. Smell the fresh-cut hay warming in the sun. Experience the life of an immigrant family around their farm, at school, and with their neighbors. Discover the delightâ??and heartbreakâ??of a family struggling to build a new home.
Learn what it meant to work heard, to trust, andâ??in the endâ??to persevere. “No matter how difficult things may be, we will not give up.” In a world of suffering and cynicism, Promises to Keep is a fresh draught of water to refresh your soul.

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