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Finding Love in the Low Country Box Set (Books 1-4)

by Yvonne Lehman

If you enjoy wholesome romances, you’ll love “Finding Love in the Low Country” !

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BOOK 1: Somewhere a Rainbow

Brooke Haddon’s future looks grayâ?¦

After her unfaithful husband is killed in an auto accident, she faces the challenge of rebuilding her life. With most of her money gone, she takes her five-year-old son to the honeymoon cottage on Hilton Head Island where her marriage began. As a single parent, she wonders how she will manage, and once she arrives on the island, she can’t imagine how she’ll be able to repair a cottage as broken down as her life.

When local carpenter Jake Randolph offers to help, Brooke immediately distrusts him. But as the months pass, she begins to think he may be different from the other men she has known. He begins to melt the emotional ice around her heart. Then Jake admits he’s concealing a secret past. Are Brooke’s hopes of a brighter future about to be destroyed. Or is there a rainbow beyond the storms of heartbreak?

BOOK 2: After the Storm

Sharon cannot face her future until she has dealt with her past. When an accident takes everyone in her family except Sharon Martin’s grandson, she is forced to face the secrets of her past. For decades she has protected herself and “his family” from the damage this secret could cause. But when Bobby’s well-being depends on her honesty, will she have the courage to speak the truth? When tragedy strikes, can love and honesty save a life?

BOOK 3: Southern Gentleman

What’s best for the baby?

Norah Brown must answer this question when Thornton Winter pushes his way into her life. Baby Camille’s parents, Thornton’s brother and Norah’s sister, were killed in a terrible accident. Now both feel responsible for the baby. But by the time Thornton comes along, Norah has already formed a strong bond with Camille. Will Thornton try to take the baby from her?

To keep her greatest fear from being realized, Norah reluctantly agrees to move with the baby to Thornton’s family home in South Carolina, where she soon finds herself in a battle of wills with his take-charge manner. It certainly doesn’t help that Norah begins to lose her heart to this Southern Gentleman.

BOOK 4: Catch of a Lifetime

From an early age, Adella believed that love brings only pain. First her mother dies, and Adella struggles to deal with her grief and care for her younger sisters. When the young girls decide they don’t need Adella anymore, she concludes she can’t trust anyone but herself. With few options, she determines she will use her good looks and intelligence to catch a handsome, wealthy man who can give her the security she craves.

Derek Goodson appears to be the man of her dreams, and at first their marriage is wonderful. After a few years, however, Adella discovers a restlessness that nothing seems to satisfy. She is bored with exclusive parties, clothing, and vacations. When introduced to a handsome stranger, she wonders if he is the answer to her secret longings.

Adele must face some tough choices, along with a tender tug on her soul. She married Derek for his money. Why can’t she love him for it?

Finding Love in the Low Country â?¦ Contemporary Christian fiction portraying real-to-life characters in search of lasting love in the Low Country of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

Written for the General Market (G) (I): Contains little or no; sexual dialogue or situations, violence, or strong language. May also contain some content of an inspirational/religious nature. Similar romance novels in this genre may be categorized as: christian romance, inspirational romance, christian fiction, and clean, wholesome romance.

Kissed by a Cowboy 1 & 2: Sweet Cowboy Romance (Redbud Trails)

by Lacy Williams

A chance encounter reunites a hometown girl and the now-single dad cowboy who was her first kissâ?¦

“Lacy’s books are just so darn cozy and wholesome, without being cloying.” WendyTheSuperLibrarian book blog

Lacy Williams is the USA Today bestselling author of the acclaimed Wyoming Legacy and Cowboy Fairytales series.


Kissed by a Cowboy 1

He was her first kissâ?¦

Only one thing could’ve forced Haley Carsten to return to her hometownâ??her beloved aunt’s failing health. Being home again stirs up painful memories of the high school best friend that died too young. When she meets a young girl who is the spitting image of her friend, Haley can’t help but feel an instant kinship. The one thing she didn’t count on was running into her high school crushâ??Maddox Michaels.

Maddox is a realist. There’s no place in his life for dreams, not when he has an impressionable niece to raise and a brother who’s lost his way. But when Haley enters his orbit again, he can’t help remembering those dreams that died alongside his sisterâ??dreams like falling in love.

Can Haley resurrect Maddox’s heart, or have too many years passed since she was Kissed by a Cowboy?

Kissed by a Cowboy 2

Ever wonder what happens beyond happily-ever-after?

Haley wanted nothing more than to be a mom, but six months into this motherhood thing, she can’t remember sleeping through the night. She’s a mess. So is the house. And to make things worse, Maddox has a new coworkerâ??a bombshell who happens to be single.

Maddox thinks the baby-rearing stage is easy. It’s nothing compared to finding out his fourteen-year-old niece has been sneaking out at night. Or trying to decipher his wife’s hot and cold signals.

When Livy disappears for the second time, everything that’s been boiling under the surface erupts. Will Maddox and Haley’s love be strong enough to survive?

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4. Cowgirl for Keeps
5. Jingle Bell Cowgirl
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Cowboy Fairytale series
1. Once Upon a Cowboy
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Triple H Brides (a Cowboy Fairytales spin-off)
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2. Courting Carrie
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Snowbound in Sawyer Creek series
1. Soldier Under the Mistletoe
2. The Nanny’s Christmas Wish
3. The Rancher’s Unexpected Gift

Genre: Cowboy romance (sweet)
Length: includes 2 novellas (250 pages)

“Williams delivers a smart, gentle, and uplifting novel.” Publishers Weekly on RETURN OF THE COWBOY DOCTOR.

“It’s the kind of story you want to curl up next to a fireplace with on a snowy Christmas Eve.” WendyTheSuperLibrarian book blog on A COWBOY FOR CHRISTMAS.

“â?¦a gentle, family-friendly success.” Publishers Weekly on THE HOMESTEADER’S SWEETHEART.

Wicca: 2 Manuscripts – Practical Guide For All Kinds Of Spells, Easy Guide To Practicing Herbal Magic

by Mrs Margaret Marjorie

This Book Includes 2 Manuscirpts:

Book One:
Practical Guide For All Kind Of Spells
This guide helps to tutor one about the kinds of spells and their uses. It also gives an overview on how magic works practically.
Practice makes perfect.

  • Begin study/reading.
  • Take notes, re-read, research. Start forming and following questions.
  • Begin a regular meditation regime.
  • Begin working/experimenting with energy.
  • Start practicing spells.
  • Find your Witchcraft “niche” (herbal magic, candle magic, crystal magic, etc.).
  • Learn to adapt spells and write your own.
  • Keep reading and practicingâ?? it never stops.
  • Benefits Of Practical Guide

  • It gives you an outline of what you want to achieve.
  • It helps you keep strategizing and gives an avenue for a change.
  • It gives you an avenue to practise what you’ve lent so far.
  • Book Two:

    Easy Guide To Practicing Herbal Magic
    Given that the plant kingdom developed on Earth many millions of years before the evolution of human beings, it’s fair to say that herbs are the oldest magical tools in existence. Known for millennia to have beneficial properties for both physical and spiritual well-being, many different species of plants were incorporated into the practices of healers, shamans, and other medicine men and women of the “old days”â??this was the origin of herbal magic.
    Back before medicine was separated from magic, physical healing was often accompanied by ritual and prayer, so that a patient might be treated with an herbal decoction (or tea) as well as a smudging ritual and an incantation to the spirits for a speedy recovery. Today, the simple ritual of enjoying a cup of herbal tea can have emotional and spiritual effects as well as nutritional benefits. This combination of healing and magical properties makes herbs incredibly powerful components in modern magic. In fact, the study and patient practice of herbal magic can prove to be the most rewarding form of the Craft a Witch can discover.

    Benefits Of Easy Guide To Practicing Herbal Magic

  • It serves as a substitute for medical medicine.
  • It helps you not to rely only on medical medicines.
  • It serves as the primary source of most medical medicines.
  • It is inexpensive and pocket friendly.
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    Sons of Nora White Series Mail Order Brides Boxed Set: Volumes 1-4

    by Cyndi Raye

    A Mail Order Bride Historical Romance about a terrible SECRET Nora White must never, ever find out about!

    It brought tears to my eyes then made me smile. A great series! – MJ

    Things start happening and soon Luke is in over his head. Will the secret be revealed?
    This story is beautifully written. Well developed characters and story line. You will enjoy the story, one I couldn’t put down. -Sandy

    From the author of Brides of Wichita Falls and Brides of Mill Ridge, this spin-off historical western romance written by author Cyndi Raye is set on a small ranch about an hours ride from Wichita Falls. It is about a secret that has been kept from Nora White for ten years by her three sons Luke, Adam and Samuel.

    When Nora decides it’s time to find a mail order bride for her boys, starting with her oldest son, mystery and lies begin. You won’t want to miss each book starting with Volume 1.

    When do you find out the secret? I’m sure by the time you read the first volume, you will have a good idea of what happened but it won’t come out until volume 3.

    It’s best to read this in order, starting with A Bride for Luke.
    This is a special series dedicated to my avid readers who like a bit of a mystery and ongoing secrets.

    Now boxed into one set for those who want the whole thing in one shot.

    Boxed set includes
    A Bride for Luke
    A Bride for Adam
    A Bride for Samuel
    A Groom for Nora

    Stay tuned for more as the Widow Young’s two sons will need a bride in the upcoming books.
    Don’t forget to pick up A Bride for Russell, the next book in the series.

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