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Sweet Home Cowboy (Love at the Chocolate Shop Book 9)

by Marin Thomas

When Marietta newcomer Elena Puente is coerced into attending a speed-dating event at the popular Copper Mountain Chocolate shop, she’s blindsided by a serious attraction to local cowboy, Wesley Banks.

Still recovering from a broken engagement, the first-grade teacher from Las Vegas isn’t looking for romance. She’s in Montana to get to know the great-grandfather she never knew existed until she found some hidden family letters. Judge Kingsley is a grouchy recluse and he’s far from welcoming, but Elena is determined to stay in town long enough to give his neglected estate on Bramble Lane a facelift.

Elena’s resolve to avoid romance is tested when she discovers Wesley is the caretaker of her grandfather’s rural property. Soon, she and the cowboy are attending more speed-dating events at the chocolate shop and she’s seeking his advice on how to deal with his ornery boss. Local gossips wager the old Judge will run Elena out of town before anything serious develops between her and Wesley. But Wesley’s a determined man, too, and he’s betting Elena belongs in Marietta foreverâ?¦with him.

The Bane Affair: A sexy romantic suspense. An ex-military alpha hero. (Smithson Group Book 1)

by Alison Kent

A deadly sexy game of cat-and-mouse…

Christian Bane is an expert at deception. It’s part of his job as a Smithson Group agent. But having been left to die by a woman he thought he loved means a calculated seduction-even under the guise of work-has him wanting to get in and get out without getting involved.

Natasha Gaudet loves hot-bodied cars, so when she arrives at her godfather’s estate to find a sexy Italian import-and an even sexier stranger waiting in the shadows-she’s intrigued. But things aren’t what they seem, and soon Natasha is caught up in a dangerous web.

The closer Christian gets to Natasha, the harder it is to deceive her. He knows he’s been fed faulty intel; Natasha’s not a criminal any more than he is which means only one thing: They’re both being played.

Now neither will survive without the other, no matter the trust-and intimacy-working together requires.

What Amazon reviewers are saying:

“Within the first two paragraphs, I was hooked; and I never stopped reading until the final word. It was spy drama, it was psychological thriller, it was erotic romance. This book is worth reading!” – Jennifer W.

“A little humor, some mystery, plenty of adventure, and sprinkled with some steamy moments, this book is a must read.” – Larisa E.

“A suspenseful and twisted spy vs. spy plot, with a smoking hot romance thrown in.” – Melanie S.

“It’s James Bond meets Christian Grey, only better.” – Kelli Jo C.

“…the attraction between Christian and Natasha is instantaneous and oh-so deliciously sexy.” – Diana B.

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