Free biographies and memoirs Kindle books for 27 Jul 18

The Days That Are Given Us: A Memoir of a Family’s Battle with Childhood Cancer

by Terrance Williamson

Take an intimate look into the life of a family afflicted with childhood cancer. Follow their story as they face the challenges and struggles of fighting infant leukemia. See how Lucian, diagnosed at the tender age of six months, brought together a family in a way they didn’t even know they needed. Whether it was staying in the hospital for weeks on end, dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy, or adjusting to a life of isolation, Lucian made sure to seize every day and make the most of his circumstances. Nothing is held back in this first-hand account from the parents who experienced the emotional highs and lows of having such a bright and beautiful son fight such a deadly and aggressive disease.

The Expressman and the Detective: Tale of a Grand Heist based on a True Crime Story

by Allan Pinkerton

In The Expressman and the Detective Allan Pinkerton tells how his relatively small P.I. firm succeeded in this first big case. Tens of thousands of dollars had gone missing. The suspect was too smart for the police so the robbed company asked Pinkerton to step in. Nine detectives worked this case for ten months. The suspect did take them on a very long chase. Some of the detective travelled miles and miles following the suspect while others followed his wife.

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