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Critical Thinking: How to Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills, Problem Solving Skills, and Avoid the 25 Cognitive Biases in Decision-Making

by Scott Lovell

If you want to improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills and become a master at decision-making, then keep reading…

Critical thinking skills are essential in the new knowledge economy. Jobs require increasing demands of flexible intellectual skills, and the ability to analyze information and integrate diverse sources of knowledge in solving problems.

But the truth is that even though the demand for critical thinking is rising, people are still making costly decisions on a daily basis.

You see, most people make the same mistakes – with both their thinking and decision-making.

You may even fall victim to several cognitive biases… without even realizing.

But now, you can stay informed with insider tips, usually only known to the best decision-makers, which will maximize your chances of making the right decisions in school, your job, company or in family situations.

By reading Critical Thinking: How to Improve Your Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills and Avoid the 25 Cognitive Biases in Decision-Making, you will:

  • Discover how to think critically
  • Learn how to combat cognitive biases
  • Become a better argumentative writer who can form logical and solid arguments
  • Understand and recognize divergent and convergent thinking
  • Discover how to become remarkable at asking the right questions
  • Get a deeper understanding of the critical thinking process
  • Be able to put your child on a critical thinking path
  • Discover what lawyers can teach you about learning how to think
  • And much, much more

So if you want to learn more about how to think critically and combat cognitive biases that distort your thinking, click “buy now”!

The 7 Concepts of Customer Service: How to Win Over Your Customers and Keep Them Coming Back! A Short and Practical Guide for Companies and Employees to Raise Standards of Customer Service.

by Joshua Kangley

What if your company saw a raise in the standards of customer service? Would your business receive better online reviews? What if your company received more business from satisfied repeat customers and word of mouth? Would this be a benefit and add to your bottom line?

The 7 Concepts of Customer Service is a practical guide and step-by-step resource that will help your company and your team foster an environment that is focused on delivering excellent customer service. In this short, and easy-to-follow book, you discover the Concepts by Joshua Kangley, that he has used to help him receive better reviews, personal recognition from CEO’s like Christopher Nassetta from Hilton, and move himself up the corporate ladder, and create successful businesses.

Learn what customers really want and what you and your team can do to achieve success in delivering the best possible customer service and keep them coming back from more!

So are you ready to get a leg up on your competition and be known for the best customer service and experience? Pick up this book and get ready to learn what it takes.

A History of Europe in 6 Projects

This book tells one set of stories from the many that could be told about the European Investment Bank. There are six, one for each decade of the EIB story.
These stories show how the EIB stood behind the key developments in Europe’s economy, responding to the changes in the continent and the Union of which it is a crucial part. They are the story of how the EIB helped turn good intentions into reality.

Inclusive Wealth Report 2018: Measuring Progress Towards Sustainability

The Inclusive Wealth Index provides important insights into long-term economic growth and human well-being. The Index measures the wealth of nations through a comprehensive analysis of a country’s productive base and the country’s wealth in terms of progress, well-being and long-term sustainability. It measures all assets which human well-being is based upon, in particular, produced, human and natural capital to create and maintain human well-being over time.

Short Term Rental Success Stories From the Edge, Volume 1: Conquering and Crushing Fear in Today’s Sharing Economy

by Matt Malouf

Are you participating in today’s sharing economy with AirBNB? Thinking about jumping in? But something is there in the background holding you back from getting started or expanding your dreamsâ?¦

I know what you mean, we all know what you mean.

“Short Term Rental Success Stories from the Edge Vol. 1” is a collaboration of some of the greatest action minded entrepreneurial success minds of our time. These authors are sharing their secrets to short term rental success, business breakthroughs, unprecedented personal success and unlimited human potential. This book will undoubtedly uplift, empower and motivate you to take action to help you fulfill your short term rental dreams. These are today’s leading experts who have contributed to this book: Gladys Jeannette, Matt Malouf, Crystal L. Reed, Kathy Hansen, Kim Ottone Tank, Kevin Borgersen, Jeanette Lytle, Thao Khut, Thomas Blouin

This book will:
-Help you find inspiration
-Ignite some passion to get started (or move forward)
-Challenge you to take action
-Walk a mile in some else’s shoes
-Inspire you to overcome the fears or roadblocks in your business and life
-Possibly find a cool and unique place to stay (with one of the authors!)

This book will NOT:
-Help you optimize your listings
-Manage your bookings or charge more money
-Increase your side income
-Provide any sort of tax, legal or other professional advice

Don’t let go of the important things in life and get out there and achieve your dreams in sharing economy. Whether it’s AirBNB, VRBO, Flipkey or something else, get up, get started and get moving.

Short Term Rentals can make a huge difference in your life and lifestyle, don’t let fear stop you. Conquer it and Crush it ASAP, let these authors help with that now, these are their stories.

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