Free parenting and families Kindle books for 27 Jul 18

Invention Town: A book of silly inventions and crazy conversation starters for parents and kids.

by Aaron Shaw Ph.D.

Invention Town is a book full of silly inventions and crazy conversation starters designed to get parents and children talking and bonding at bedtime.

How it works:

Each night, families read about one of the funny inventions from this book. Next, parents use the “Crazy Conversation Starter” questions at the end of each invention’s description to start fun little conversations with their children. It truly is the best bedtime routine ever!

Dr. Shaw is a licensed family therapist with a PhD in marriage and family therapy and 6 children of his own. His goal is to help parents create bonding moments with their children at the time of day this is most likely to occur: bedtime! He does this by creating silly and imaginative inventions that children of all ages just seem to love to chat about.

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