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Proverbs: Selected Comments on Twenty-two Proverbs

by Charles Bridges

Another quality eBook from Chapel Library. Bridges’ Proverbs is “The best work on the Proverbs. While explaining the passage in hand, he sets other portions of the Word in new lights.”â??C. H. Spurgeon

“While other parts of Scripture show us the glory of our high calling, this book may instruct us in all minuteness of detail how to “walk worthy” of it (Col 1:10). We see the minuteness of out Christian obligations; that there is not a temper, a look, a word, a movement, the most important action of the day, the smallest relative duty, in which we do not either deface or adorn the image of our Lord, and the profession of His name. Surely if the book conduced to no other end, it tends to humble even the most consistent servant of God, in consciousness of countless failures. The whole book is a mirror for us all, not only to show our defects, but also [as] a guidebook and directory for godly conduct.”â??Charles Bridges, from the Preface, 1846

Charles Bridges (1794-1869) was one of the leaders of the evangelical movement in the Church of England in the mid-1800s. He was Vicar of Old Newton, Suffolk, from 1823 to 1849, and later of Weymouth and Hinton Martell in Dorset. Bridges is known for both literary work such as The Christian Ministry and his expositions, which include Ecclesiastes and Psalm 119 as well as Proverbs.

Become A Chaos Magick Warrior: Rituals, Spells, Servitor Magick and Other Tools

by Oliver Hart

Unleash Your Inner Power, Strength and Hidden Talents With Chaos Magick

Chaos Magick can provide life changing transformations, emergency solutions, timely results and effective rituals that can be tailored to your immediate circumstances. The ideas presented in Become A Chaos Magick Warrior are ideal for beginners, while also presenting a plethora of additional information for the experienced occultist looking for an enlightening enhancement in their current craft.

Explore a revolutionary style of Chaos Magick. These ideas are direct, original, and most importantly, practical.

Find Your Place of Rest in Jesus: An Adaptation of Andrew Murrayâ??s Abide in Christ

by Joshua Nickel

Learn to rest in Jesus, every day, all day. Even when you are busy, you can rest in Jesus and be at peace.

Andrew Murray was one of the great devotional writers of the 1800s. Here is the teaching of one of his most influential books, summarized and restated for the modern reader.

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