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Real Herbs Guide:Beating Diabetes and Psoriasis with Bitter Melon

by Racheal Louise

Many of us have grown increasingly aware of the potential benefits of alternative medicine but only very few truly understand the mechanics behind the healing properties of these herbs. This book intends to offer a comprehensive compendium of facts on herbal use laying particular emphasis on Bitter Melon Extract.
The author of this incredible sourcebook has already foreseen the complexities of herbalism which can be overwhelming especially for beginners who have no previous background knowledge on herbal use. In order to bridge the gap, the author, through the help of this book presents with accuracy the elementary facts on herbalism and Bitter Melon Extract.
The first chapter of this book documents the history of herbalism and how the study of plants morphed into a growing industrialized business. It also discusses how herbalism has successfully penetrated the realm of modern pharmacology. Apparently, many of today’s contemporary drugs are in fact derived from plants. Unfortunately these crucial plant derivatives have not been publicly recognized and are even masked by more contemporary chemical constituents. This whole chapter is committed to shed light on the usefulness and indispensability of herbs.
The second chapter is a brief exposition on Bitter Melon extract. In here you will find significant pieces of information about Bitter Melon’s origin, characteristics, climate as well as its availability. This section of the book serves as an overview of Bitter Melon as a whole.
The succeeding chapters exhaustively discuss the benefits of taking Bitter Melon extract. The author also includes results of clinical studies conducted on the herb. These scientific findings will help support Bitter Melon extract’s health claims.
After you have thoroughly perused through Bitter Melon extract’s health benefits you will then be led to a chapter entitled Herb Buying Tips. As the name of this chapter implies, the author aims to bring you tips on how to choose the right kind of herb. With the overflowing influx of herbal supplement brands, finding the perfect one demands considerable insight and judgment. In this light, the author hopes that you will find these tips helpful and that it will lead you to the brand that complements your health needs.
If you are looking for a powerful resource that can provide you with nothing but pure facts and in-depth research then look no further because this book is bespoke for you. To learn more about herbs and Bitter Melon extract, flip to the next page and enjoy the journey.

Seaweeds as Vegetables

by Roby Jose Ciju

With the advent of organic food and organic farming revolution, seaweeds are now increasingly becoming popular as a naturally-grown vegetable. It is also popular as an organic salad component and as a snack food item across the whole world. Nutritional information and food significance of about 11 popular seaweeds are briefed in this small book for informational purposes only.

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