Free sports Kindle books for 27 Jul 18

WEIGHTLIFTING: [translated]

by Matthew Lynch

Its a good thing this dude is has been dead for a century, or he’d kick all of our arses. Well, probably not, as the primitive training methods of 1905 left something to be desired, and the closest thing you could get to a PED was likely some crude and useless tonic like baboon testicle extract purchased from your local apothecary. Still, the fundamentals of power lifting and bodybuilding are hidden away in the quaint and antiquated details of this old-timey manual on getting ripped for fun, profit, and of course the ladies, who weren’t always taken in by just any Jean, Claude, or Pierre with a great mustache and an apartment on the Ile de Cite. They wanted a Hercules just stepped from a canvas in the Louvre to go sea-bathing with at Trouville, a brute who would never stand for having coarse gravel kicked in his face. And not that 1905 strongman can be you! For entertainment purposes only.

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