Free fantasy Kindle books for 28 Jul 18

Blaze Ignites (Scourge Survivor Series Book 1)

by J.L. Madore

“Destiny my ass.” Jade Glaster refuses to believe the Fates rule her life. Orphaned after an attack by Scourge soldiers, a young Jade vows never to be powerless again. Once grown, wielding the affinities of fire and healing, Jade protects innocents as an enforcer for her world’s elite policing agencyâ??The Talon.

When an emissary mission to reinstate a race of exiled Elves brings Galan into her life, Jade finds herself overwhelmed by new passions, some welcome, some not. Although Galan’s antiquated views on women offend her to her heated core, when the Scourge attack his family, she helps him navigate the outside worlds he knows nothing aboutâ??the magical Realm of the Fair and, stranger stillâ??the modern streets of Toronto.

Through their sensually charged pursuit of justice, Jade discovers that when dealing with the Fatesâ??destiny is never random.

BLAZE IGNITES blends strong, clever women and tough, sexy men in a fast-paced, volatile cocktail of action, seduction, and wicked humor. Don’t miss the fun. Grab a copy of this page-turner today!

The Scourge Survivor Series by JL Madore, joins the great urban fiction fantasy romance traditions of Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lora Leigh, and Patricia Briggs.

The Peasant (Fall of the Swords Book 1)

by Scott Michael Decker

The beginning of a spellbinding fantasy saga from Scott Michael Decker, author of The Gael Gates.

Following a civil war, an empire grapples with the devastating fallout.

His conscience heavy from having laid waste to the northern lands, Peasant General Guarding Bear battles his urge to usurp the tyrannical emperor’s throne. But the general’s expelled rival continues to play games â?? seeking to avenge his name and reclaim the Northern Imperial Sword.

With his reign threatened by the general’s victory and no progeny to his name, the Emperor plots to conceive an heir by stealth. Luring the General to the castle by poisoning his daughter, the Emperor requests he negotiate a settlement with the neighboring king to restore peace.

In a world of deception, smoke and mirrors, the general must decide where his loyalties lie.

The Trial (The Jinn Hunters Book 1)

by Patrick Stewart

If you like your fantasy fast-paced, full of action, sex and humour, this is the book for you!!!

Melissa is a Jinn. And one thing all Jinns have to do is complete the Trial. It supposed to be simple and not very important. At least, that’s what Melissa thinks.

Peter thinks he’s an ordinary guy, except, he keeps seeing extraordinary things. And then he crosses paths with Melissa, and for better or worse, his life changes forever.

He definitely thinks it changes for the worse!

To Hell and Back: The Guardian Chronicles: Gabriel 2

by J.T. Whitman

The Oracle has been captured by a Hellion! Gabriel must find a way to get to the Underworld and rescue her friend. To save her friend, she must make a difficult choice that could alter her destiny forever.

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