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Once Upon A Christmas: a collection of three holiday stories

by Lisa Plumley

This Christmas, chill out and cuddle up with these enchanting holiday stories…

“Funny, tender, and occasionally wacky, this trio of short romantic comedies gets the holidays off to a lively start as three heroines find love in unexpected ways. Plumley’s lighthearted sense of fun, sassy dialog, and likable characters make for an appealing holiday collection.” â??Library Journal

About the book

Mistletoe and Holly
Accountant Holly Aldridge scrupulously plans everything in her lifeâ??until her boyfriend gets spontaneous by dumping her right before Thanksgiving. Still, Holly’s sure he’ll reconsider, given a little time…and a reason to be jealous. That reason, all six-feet-plus of him, is her new roommate, Sam McKenzie. If Sam has his way, Holly will have a sizzling new romance by Christmastime…

Christmas Honeymoon
Some women would consider it the perfect Christmas gift: an all-expenses-paid Vegas honeymoon. But Stacy Ames isn’t some women. Actually, she’s supposed to be posing as her cousin Janie. Too bad Stacy’s faux hubby turns out to be her infuriatingly sexy ex, Dylan. Fortunately, mistletoe and free champagne have a way of turning “too bad” into very, very good…

A Baby for Christmas
Kahlúa, coffee, and sympathyâ??it’s amazing the trouble they can get a girl into. Chloe Carmichal was only trying to help her best pal (and secret crush), Nick, drown his sorrows. She never expected they’d end up having a hot-and-heavy tryst that Nick’s hangover would make him forget, but that Chloe will always remember…since she’ll have his baby as a Christmas memento…

PLEASE NOTE: These stories are contemporary romances featuring Christmas themes and holiday ambiance. They are not Christian-themed or Inspirational.

What people are saying…

“Lisa Plumley has perfected the art of romantic comedy. Fine characterizations, amusing situations, and her trademark breezy style will make you smile and laugh out loadâ??and add some extra zest to your Yuletide season!” â??Bookloons

“This wonderful Christmas anthology should be a must-have gift to yourself. All three stories are delightful, so cuddle up and enjoy!” â??Fresh Fiction

“Once Upon a Christmas is a delightful collection of three holiday stories by Lisa Plumley. The heroes are the type that I wouldn’t mind finding under my Christmas tree!” â??Romantic Times

“Once Upon a Christmas brings together three heartwarming stories that warm the heart and share the true spirit of the holiday season. Each of these stories is unique in its style but they are all guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. This is the first book that I have ever read by Lisa Plumley and I found myself completely hooked, she is definitely an author I will be looking to read more from.” â??

“Lisa Plumley’s latest creation is a holiday anthology that is sure to bring the holiday spirit to one and all. Once Upon A Christmas is truly a holiday delight!” â??A Romance Review

“Lisa Plumley also offers comic relief to break up the tension she creates in her stories. These three novellas offer quick, yet satisfying, romances that most contemporary romance fans will adore!” â??Roundtable Romance Reviews

“These are some quick, easy reads for a busy time of the year…[with] the typical Plumley quirkiness that makes it a humorous and fun read.” â??The State newspaper

“What a great little book to put you in the holiday spirit. With Mistletoe and Holly, you will laugh yourself silly at the antics of Holly trying to win back her ex-boyfriend. Each of these stories is unique and each one appeals to a different need we have. I hope you’ll be able to get a little more into the Christmas spirit with this fun anthology!” â??Once Upon a Romance

To Serve and Protect

by Rain Harlow

Honest, protective, and s*xy as h*ll.

Ben is everything I could want in a man.
But I locked up my heart and threw away the key a long time ago.
Now, he’s assigned to guard me during my prosecution of a violent criminal.
Will his disarming charm and intense blue eyes finally force me to go after what I never thought I could want again?

She held me at arm’s length, but something in her eyes drew me closer.
Was it possible that she understood my pain?
When the man she was prosecuting threatened her,
My instincts went into overdrive.
No one messes with what’s mine.
And that’s what Liz is. Mine.

The Hood (Love, Loyalty, and Lies Book 1)

by Michael Xavier Porter

In this tale of Love, Loyalty, and Lies pt1, you meet a young and very successful African American couple by the names of Lamar Jenkins and Keisha Miller.

Lamar, who’s firmly established himself young successful lawyer, seems to have it all. He’s got the dream beautiful wife, an amazing and loving son, and a promising career to go with it. But in Lamar’s mind, there’s still something missing.

Keisha’s always been business minded. She’s a successful entrepreneur as the owner of an expanding hair salon brand. All throughout, she can’t seem to get over Lamar constantly making the same mistakes in his personal life. This would lead Keisha to make one of the most horrible decisions in her life.

In the midst of battle, Melissa Jones, Keisha’s best friend, steps in and begins to play both sides of the fence.

Conan (Black Shamrocks MC: First Generation Book 1)

by Kylie Hillman

The first book in the brand-new spin off to the International Bestselling Black Shamrocks MC series is here!

Prospecting for the Black Shamrocks MC once Colin “Conan” Blake finished school was a no-brainer.

His best friends were prospecting.
His father was a ranking member.
Hell, every man he knew was part of the MC.

The only thing the Club wanted in return for a lifetime of brotherhood was unquestioning loyalty. It was that straightforward. Patching in meant he vowed to put the needs of the Black Shamrocks in front of everything elseâ??even his own desires.

â??He thought it would be easy.
He was certain nothing could come between him and his brothers.
That was until he met her.

WARNING: This book contains depictions of graphic situations and is not suitable for all readers.

*The five remaining interconnecting standalones in the Black Shamrocks MC: First Generation series are available to pre-order now.

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