Free historical fiction Kindle books for 29 Jul 18

Love is Patient (The Rock Creek Series Book 1)

by Holli Rebecca Burnfield

A historical romance set in the 1880s in a small community in the Midwestern America. The story follows a young woman’s struggle to come to grips with incomprehensible sorrow and her journey from despair to hope, from death to life, and from loss to love. This is the first book in the Rock Creek Series. The second book in the series, “Love is Faithful” is now also available. Check it out!

Love is Kind (The Rock Creek Series Book 3)

by Holli Rebecca Burnfield

Our dear friends we’ve come to love, BethAnne and Jacob will thrill us with their latest adventure. Ellie Weaver is faced with a tragic choice. Hannah finds her strength while her Aunt Jenny Barnes faces a bit of jealousy. The town is put on high alert when a Marshal arrives on the trail of a wanted man. Meeting Matilda may break your heart so keep a box of tissue close when you read the third addition to the Rock Creek Series, Love is Kind.

Portside Screw

by Gregory S. Dew

A Jack Cubera Novel

Retired PI Jack Cubera just wants to drink beer, fish the flats, and live the simple life of a full-time boat bum. One problem: he’s just discovered his old nemesisâ??the Key’s most notorious real estate developerâ??floating tits-up in a weenie bikini in the Islamorada backwaters, landing him high on the suspect list. To clear his name, Jack investigates the curious demise and soon discovers the developer’s most outrageous development to date, Coconut Keyâ??a manmade island shaped like a giant daiquiri glassâ??is “breaking ground” atop a lobster-breeding habitat in the middle of a pristine bay. As Jack sets out to derail the invasive project and save his salty slice of paradise, a host of unscrupulous characters flush from the shadows soon delivering Jack to the most perplexing question of all: Why would anyone build an island in the middle of an archipelago? The answer, which hinges on a baitfish cage filled with breast implants, proves far bigger than mere shady real-estate dealings.

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NEFERTITI: LA BELLISSIMA E’ ARRIVATA: Vita, amore ed eresia della più enigmatica regina del Nilo (Italian Edition)

by Corrado Caldarella

Il romanzo di una delle donne più affascinanti e misteriose della storia d’Egitto. Un travolgente romanzo storico in cui Storia, fantasia, amore, sesso, inganni e battaglie si fondono alla perfezione.
Nefertiti è innamorata perdutamente di Ashur-Uballit, l’erede al trono d’Assiria, prigioniero di suo padre il Gran re dei Mitanni. Ma il futuro della principessa è già stato deciso: deve sposare Amenofi III, il vecchio faraone d’Egitto. Nefertiti si troverà in un mondo nuovo e lontano, affascinante e pericoloso nel contempo. Si vedrà costretta a destreggiarsi tra intrighi e tradimenti ed imparerà a mettere da parte i propri sentimenti a beneficio di un Bene più grande.

Hanno scritto di lui:
“Corrado Caldarella ha il dono di rendere la storia più avvincente regalando al lettore spaccati reali a cui si mescolano fantasia e passione.” (Nevil)

“Racconto avvincente sostenuto da accurate ricerche… Storia allo stato puro!” (Daniele)

“Ottimo romanzo storico. Un emozionante viaggio alla scoperta di numerosi popoli ormai scomparsi, come assiri ed egiziani” (Cliente amazon)

“Ho letto il libro in due giorni da quanto mi ha preso. In alcune pagine sembrava di essere davvero in quelle terre.” (Jacopo)

“Romanzo storico poderoso, ben scritto e con una prosa incalzante…” (Artemide)

“I libri hanno il potere di farci viaggiare nel tempo. I libri ben scritti, come questo, hanno un potere ancora maggiore: quello di farci vivere in un’altra epoca. Testo professionale frutto di una grande ricerca storica, con citazioni di date e luoghi realmente esistiti. La fantasia si fonde con la realtà e ci riporta le gesta di fanti e cavalieri, lo stridio metallico delle armature e delle spade, il fragore della battaglia… descrizioni fedeli e grande padronanza del linguaggio. Libro di pregio, scorrevole, stile elegante. Consigliato a chiunque.” (Nevil)

Dello stesso autore:
“Il comandante Aquila e la figlia del dragone”
“Le belve dell’imperatore”
“I mantelli rossi di Assur”
“Nuove donne per Roma”
“Il destino del faraone guerriero”

Lady Lost

by Dana Barksdale

Abandoned as a child, Lia has spent the first eighteen years of her life sheltered by the Jeffreys, a generous family that took her in from the cold when she was just a child. When her adopted sister falls in love and is to be married, Lia can no longer ignore the shadows of her past if she is to have any hope for a meaningful future. With her mind made up to find her birth family, Lia throws herself into her sister’s wedding festivities, knowing her new journey will begin once the vows are said and done. Lia did not expect or especially want the attention of the groom’s best friend and notorious rake Lord Devonridge, but when he makes an offer she can’t refuse, she reluctantly agrees to accept his courtship. Soon true motives are revealed and Lia begins to uncover the truth of her past and faces a choice. Will she let the dark secrets of her past threaten her promise of a future?

Second Son

by Pamela Taylor

It is the dawn of the Renaissance, a time when new ideas are just beginning to emerge. Alfred â?? the eponymous second son â?? comes of age in the enlightened court of his grandfather. Alfred is convinced that his life will be unremarkable, spent in diligent but mundane service to king and kingdom. His grandfather, however, foresees for him a special destiny.

It is also a time when peace and stability are tenuous, and threats can arise from unexpected quarters. Taken captive while on a mission for the king, Alfred is held for ransom and taken ever farther away from his home. With his prospects dwindling, he must find a way to survive if he is ever to fulfill that mysterious destiny.

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