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The Sensitives Book 1 – 3

by Rick Wood

You’re not crazy, you just see dead things

Oscar is a loser, living with his parents, with no ambition and no friends.

Enter April and Julian. They, like him, are Sensitives – a person who is paranormally gifted. Together they show Oscar how he could finally do something amazing with his life.

What follows is a series of life-threatening confrontations with the demonic. From fear demons, to possessed pregnancies, to haunted prisons – Oscar has no idea what is in store for him.

These are the first three books of the horror series, The Sensitives. Written by the author horror fans cannot stop raving about, this is a series made for fans of the paranormal, the demonic, and terrifying exorcisms.

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The Bone Puzzle

by Clayton E. Spriggs


In this masterpiece of mayhem, Clayton E. Spriggs tells the story behind a pile of bones that sits in the coroner’s office and the detective who is assigned to solve a heinous crime.

When a severed foot is discovered in the Dead River Swamp, Detective Robert Stallworth, known for his special talent for finding dead things, is called in to look for the rest of the body. But his job gets even harder when parts of more than one body turn up. Follow the detective as he puts the pieces together to find out who the victims were, where they came from, how they ended up in the swamp, and, most importantly, who put them there.

Told in seven parts, twists and turns abound in this gripping story of manipulation, murder, and illusion. Don’t be deceivedâ??-nothing is as it seems. Can you solve the mystery of The Bone Puzzle?

Illusions can be deadly

The swamp will keep our secrets

Foot bone connected to the heel bone

Beware of false prophets

There was only one way out

Let the games begin

When a prophet stands trial, expect a miracle

Buy The Bone Puzzle today and find out how Detective Robert Stallworth uncovers the shocking truth and finds justice for the innocent victims.

“An intoxicating and spine-tingling tale of evil and depravity that even well-read fans of horror and thrilling suspense are sure to devour.”(4-5 stars) Essie Harmon–Goodreads

“Clayton E. Spriggs delivers in The Bone Puzzle with jaw-dropping and psychotic characters who are scary real… If you are looking for some well written and twisted, bizarre psychological- human drama horror that is packed full of horror and intrigue then I would highly recommend checking this book out.” (5 stars) Darlene Cupp–Indie Book Reviewers

“A complex, disturbing, original read, and as far as a horror goes, one of the best one’s I’ve read.” (4 stars) Carla Bigins–Goodreads

“Spriggs isn’t afraid to horrify, shock, titillate, and surprise us…something that makes reading this a real experience that won’t soon be forgotten” (5 stars) Gillian Hancock–Indie Book Reviewers

Psicosis (Spanish Edition)

by Adrian Gonzalez

Cuando eres un niño huérfano cualquier persona es tu dueño.

En las instalaciones del Hospital mental para niños súper dotados, no es la excepción. Absortos de tutores y dejados a su suerte. Muchos de ellos luchan contra el abuso de medicamentos, traumas y torturas para extraer sus potenciales dotes.

Y si la vida de tu pequeña hermana dependiera de ti ¿escaparías?

Eran los planes de 608 cuando el caos comienza y uno de los primeros genera la falla de todas las puertas del edificio, liberando hasta los más fuertes en una batalla despiadada en las tinieblas entre guardias, la vida y la supervivencia de cada uno de ellos.

Evil Within

by James Straka

Inspired by true events.

When little Nathan is found in the basement in the late hours of the night talking to himself, his father thinks he’s just sleepwalking. But as Nathan’s behavior becomes more erratic with violent outbursts and obscenities, the Douglas family begin to wonder if it is caused by something more than a chemical imbalance in his mind.

They enlist the services of Father Aaron Martin, a veteran Catholic priest who has dealt with similar circumstances before. Father Aaron gives the boy a psychiatric evaluation, coming to the conclusion that Nathan is a victim of demonic possession. As the demon tears at the boy’s soul, Father Aaron has to perform an exorcism to try and save the life of the child as the unclean entity wreaks havoc, tearing the Douglas family apart.

Evil Within will leave you thinking about the evil that lives among us, asking yourself the question “Does it really exist?” Read this at night and wonder if that tingling feeling in your body is all in your head or if something supernatural is watching you as you turn the page.

Dinner Party Massacre: an Extreme Horror

by Aleister Davidson

After 20 years…I will have my revenge

A limousine arrives at the seaside mansion estate of one of the world’s most successful horror writers. He has waited two decades for it to come to his house and bring its precious cargo to him. For on this night, he has three guests. However, they aren’t just any ordinary folk, and this isn’t an average dinner party. The San Francisco County sheriffs who had tortured him when he was a homeless kid on the street had no idea who it was they were victimizing. Now with nearly unlimited resources, Alan Price intends to make their lives a living hell. 

Dinner Party Massacre is a tale of torture, rape, murder, and revenge. A dark and disturbing criticism of our justice system and the psychopaths who run it, Dinner Party Massacre shines a light on a subject all too often obscured by darkness; that of the rape and torture of incarcerated men and women by the individuals tasked with protecting them. A serial killer thriller, a classic horror, a police horror, revenge justice thriller, and urban murder suspense fiction…all have been used to describe Dinner Party Massacre.

Dinner Party Massacre is a fun, quick read. If you have ever wondered how it would feel to get revenge against your worst enemies, then this book is for you. If you have ever wanted to get inside the head of a serial killer and look at the world through their eyes, then this book is for you. If you love gory horror stories with elements of suspense and a sprinkling of the psychological thriller, then this book is for you.

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