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Life After Death?: Nonsense Upon Stilts

by Laurence Houlgate

The subtitle of this book gives away its conclusion. The very idea of life after death is nonsense, and the recent scientific attempts to prove life after death are the stilts upon which this nonsense is precariously balanced.
There have been many attempts over the centuries to prove that there is life after death. Most of these attempts assume without question the philosophical theory of mind-body dualism. This is the theory that says that human beings are a combination of two substances — a physical substance called “the body” and an entirely different non-physical substance called “the soul,” mind or spirit. One implication of mind-body dualism is an endorsement of the idea of life after death. If humans have a soul, and their body dies, then the indestructible soul will survive the death of the body. But if mind-body dualism is a false hypothesis, then the theory of life after death is at great risk of collapsing along with it.
In the twenty-first century we have witnessed an entirely new approach to the question of an afterlife. It is an approach based on science, not on philosophy or religion. What allegedly makes it a scientific approach is the claim that there is “evidence” for life after death. The evidence is “near death experience” or NDE. Thousands of people who have almost died or have been declared dead and then brought back to life have reported NDEs, for example floating out of their body, seeing bright white lights, going through tunnels, visiting deceased family members, reviewing their entire life, and many more lucid experiences. None of these experiences (it is claimed) are symptoms or effects of neural activity in the brain. Therefore, these experiences must occur when a person’s soul has temporarily left her body (until she is revived, when the soul, sometimes reluctantly, returns to the body).
The purpose of Professor Houlgate’s book LIFE AFTER DEATH? is to show that any attempt to prove the existence of an afterlife by the methods of science is completely futile. The authors of these fake science books misuse or misunderstand the scientific method, a method that requires that any proposed theory be testable, refutable and falsifiable. This is what Einstein required of his theory of special relativity and what Watson and Crick required when they hypothesized the structure of DNA. But ways to test, refute or falsify their afterlife theories are not presented by the authors of recent books promising survival of the soul after the death of the body. There is good reason for this failure, explained by Professor Houlgate in the final chapters of this short book.

Ditch The Player, Get The Good Guy: The Good Relationship Advice To Getting A Man, Keeping A Man And Getting Rid Of Time Wasters

by Madeleine Boyd

Midwest Book Review called it a Must Read for All Single Women

Don’t hate the game, Ditch the Player

Ladies â?¦ are you still trying to find that perfect guy; one who is sincere, honest, and trustworthy. The one guy who will love you and treat you the way you deserve to be treated! He is out there and looking for you. Unfortunately, so are a lot of players; shallow men who will charm you and then hurt you. Men who disappear after they get what they want, and will not give it a second thought.

How do you find Mr. Right? How do you tell him from players? How can you spot that perfect guy who is out there looking for his soul mate? First off, you have to stay in the game! Second, you have to learn to spot the players.

Now You Can Finally Learn How To Ditch The Players & Find The Right Man For You!

As you already know, the world is filled with players, who are able to abuse your feelings, hurt you and ruin your chances of happiness without even blinking. So, what can you do to protect yourself against players?

The question is â?¦ just how, exactly, do you learn to do that? Author Madeleine Boyd’s book, Don’t hate the game, Ditch the player, is the answer. Her book sheds light on all the dirty little secrets and tricks players use to get past your guard. Her book will help you learn to quickly spot the difference between a player and a keeper. According to the author, it’s not hard to detect the player if you just know what to look for.

By The End Of This Eye-Opening Book, You Will Be Able To Confidently:

  • Identify traits all players have in common.
  • Learn to identify their tricks.
  • Understand & Evaluate Your Past
  • Regain Your Self-Respect
  • Learn to spot the signs of a healthy relationship.
  • Master Your Communication Skills
  • Find and keep that one guy who is right for you

That’s right! This may sound like too much work for you, but it’s the only way to say goodbye to players forever and lay the foundations of a healthy, meaningful and fulfilling relationship with your perfect guy. After all, you don’t have any more time to waste on players, do you? Your happiness is more important that a player’s self-esteem isn’t it?

What Are You Waiting For?

If you are tired of getting used or hurt, and are ready to find that one special guy to share your life with, a significant first step would be to read Madeleine Boyd’s enlightening book!

Click “Buy Now” and free yourself from the chains of players! All you have to do is learn the right strategy to spot and uncover all the players in your life. Only then you will be able to find and keep the right one!

Stoicism: History of Stoicism

by Mark P. Smith

This book discusses the history and foundation of Stoicism in detail.

It also explores the three main disciplines of Stoicism as well as the modern-day gurus of Stoicism.

To understand and practice Stoicism is to also understand and internalize the history of this philosophical school and to know the foundations of it. Where we are right now and who we are as a people is because of the history we have behind us.

To truly become a Stoic, you must understand the great Stoics of ancient philosophy, the fundamentals of it in both the Renaissance era and with Christianity, as well as modern-day role models you can emulate.

The Definition of Success: What Living Homeless Can Teach You

by Derek Snook

The Definition of Success tells the story of Derek Snook, a recent college graduate from an upper class town who, jaded towards his upbringing and driven by a search for meaning in his life and purpose in his vocation, voluntarily lives homeless for a year. Funny, heartbreaking, and deeply challenging, through encounters with the homeless this story confronts the things society tells us to blindly accept. We join Derek as he asks questions about success. We watch him grapple with his beliefs in a religiously hypocritical culture. What he learns among the homeless influences our own perception of the way we live and how we define success.

Through the experience Derek identifies a need among the homeless and starts a multi-million dollar organization to address it. This book is for those who are looking for meaning in their life and purpose in their vocation, who question their society, or who are jaded towards America’s version of Christianity.

Here’s what influencers are saying:

We need more entrepreneurs engaging the most difficult challenges our society faces today with these kinds of innovative businesses and approaches. -Brad D. Smith, Chairman and CEO, Intuit

It’s critical that Christianity discovers ways to make the Gospel practical in a culture that changes so rapidly it’s impossible to keep up. This book does just that, telling a story that is both inspiring yet relatable so that anyone–regardless of belief system–can say, ‘wow, I’m not sure if I believe in Jesus, but there’s something to this, and we need more of it.’ -Richard Rohr, O.F.M.

The Definition of Success thoughtfully examines areas of life that most of us leave unchallenged while pointing to a higher ideal that goes far beyond that of any political party. The truth of Jesus for Christians points to a way and a life, but this book helps give that message a universal meaning. -Mike McCurry, Professor and Press Secretary for President Clinton

This book says that our lives are about more than the way we conventionally define success or failure. When we look, we can find value in every story. -U.S. Representative Mark Sanford, South Carolina

This book tells an ordinary story with national significance. Its spirit captures the essence of what every city should be, a place where all citizens strive for the harmony and well being of the city regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic status, politics or sexuality; a place where citizens, having seen one another s pain, do not walk by with indifference but overcome their fears to heal one another because it is right and true. This book captures the idealism of a city that is yet to come, that we can only strive for, and yet remains worthy of our striving. -Former Mayor Joseph P. Riley Jr.

The Definition of Success illustrates what all successful organizations should inspire: Find a Purpose worth total commitment of yourself (Heart, Soul, and Mind), while creating value to the community to sustain itself. -Byron Davis, CEO of Fisher Price

When I dream, I wish for the world in which there are many Derek Snooks whose eyes see the possibilities for those in need and in doing so find great purpose. Let’s join hands with Derek to further his vision. -Mayor John Tecklenburg

Here’s what readers are saying:

“It made me really uncomfortable at times, revealing my internal dialogue as judgmental and prejudiced. It made me laugh, a lot! It has changed the way I look at the world around me. It has already been an opening for some really transparent, and sometimes difficult, conversations with friends and family.”

“The Definition of Success reenergized my commitment to purpose. Derek walks us through his own journey of how engaging with people experiencing homelessness changed him. His vulnerability creates permission for the reader to then also be changed – and I highly recommend you read it!”

“If I knew Christians thought this way I wouldn’t have walked away from God for so long.”

Homeless: A Day In The Life: A Homeless Veteran’s Tale.

by Todd Murphy

“Homeless: A Day In The Life” is a harrowing tale of what one homeless veteran goes through in a single day. It’s an engrossing account of his begging, searching through the garbage for his food and anything he can sell, confronting the police, trying to get into a shelter, and staying away from the “bum bashing” violent gangs.

He drinks secondhand coffee, smokes cigarette butts, begs with a cardboard sign, and sleeps out in the open. You’ve seen him a thousand times, on street corners, sidewalks and stoplights, asking you to help him.

He’s a nameless beggar in a West Coast city, living a life beyond imagination. The homeless are the poorest people in America today, and this book will show you how they live, whether you have compassion or contempt for them.

Homelessness is brutal, and this book pulls no punches as it brings you into the lives of the American destitute.

Homeless: A Day In The Life will change the way you see homeless people, beggars and bums forever, and help you understand the real and deeply dystopian world they live in.

Written by a former homeless writer, this compelling page-turner brings the painful realities of homelessness to life, laying them open for anyone to see.

“Someone who’s warm can’t understand someone who’s cold.”
– Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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