Free science Kindle books for 29 Jul 18

How to Save Thousands a Year: Over 30 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Money in Your Pocket and Save Thousands and Help with Financial Freedom

by Allen Fisher

In this life changing book, you will discover a variety of ways on how to save $25,000 every single year! This book is separated into two main parts. The general saving tips, and the specific saving tips that get you that mouthwatering $25,000.

Amateur Astronomer’s Handbook: We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

by Halil Bagis

Useful astronomy information for children, young people and everyone in this book. If you have not met astronomy yet, you can make a good start. Simple but qualified contents are included.

360 Health: Your Guide to Cancer Prevention, Healing Foods, & Total Body Wellness

by Kimberly Maravich

Have you ever wondered if there are ways to “turn off” bad genes or an unwanted predisposition to illness?  If cancer, autoimmune conditions, or heart disease run in your family, you may be afraid that one day these diseases will also plague you.  

The good news is there is something called “epigenetics,” and this means, essentially, that you can switch genes on or off with lifestyle modifications.

360 Health, a comprehensive wellness guide, will walk you through various ways to create your healthiest body, one in which cancer and major disease cannot easily thrive.


The book will teach you which foods are “anti-angiogenic” (cancer preventative) and which foods foster cancer growth.  You’ll learn about supplements that nourish you and act as armor against disease, and you’ll learn which supplements or medications may be harmful.  You’ll read about how the environment plays a role in toxic burden, but you’ll also discover ways to detoxify your body.  You’ll find guidance and helpful tips for stress relief and overall well-being.  

360 Health gives you the tools you need for ultimate physical, mental, and spiritual health.  You can add years to your life and life to your years.  

Added Bonuses:

  • A grocery shopping list is provided to help you search for the best and most nourishing foods.  
  • There are also 20+ easy recipes incorporating anti-angiogenic ingredients, so you can be sure to find ways to eat that support immune functioning.  

Get your book today.  Your body will thank you! 

Communicating Climate Change: A Guide for Educators (Cornell Series in Environmental Education)

by Anne K. Armstrong

Environmental educators face a formidable challenge when they approach climate change due to the complexity of the science and of the political and cultural contexts in which people live. There is a clear consensus among climate scientists that climate change is already occurring as a result of human activities, but high levels of climate change awareness and growing levels of concern have not translated into meaningful action. Communicating Climate Change provides environmental educators with an understanding of how their audiences engage with climate change information as well as with concrete, empirically tested communication tools they can use to enhance their climate change program.

Starting with the basics of climate science and climate change public opinion, Armstrong, Krasny, and Schuldt synthesize research from environmental psychology and climate change communication, weaving in examples of environmental education applications throughout this practical book. Each chapter covers a separate topic, from how environmental psychology explains the complex ways in which people interact with climate change information to communication strategies with a focus on framing, metaphors, and messengers. This broad set of topics will aid educators in formulating program language for their classrooms at all levels. Communicating Climate Change uses fictional vignettes of climate change education programs and true stories from climate change educators working in the field to illustrate the possibilities of applying research to practice. Armstrong et al, ably demonstrate that environmental education is an important player in fostering positive climate change dialogue and subsequent climate change action.

Easy Things to See With a Small Telescope: A Beginner’s Guide to Over 60 Easy-to-Find Night Sky Sights (The Easy Astronomy Guides Book 2)

by Richard J. Bartlett

***The #1 Best Selling Telescope book in the UK Amazon store, January 2016***

Specifically written with the beginner in mind, this book highlights over sixty objects easily found and observed in the night sky. Objects such as:

* Stunning multiple stars
* Star clusters
* Nebulae
* And the Andromeda Galaxy!
Each object has its own page which includes a map, a view of the area through your finderscope and a depiction of the object through the eyepiece.

There’s also a realistic description of every object based upon the author’s own notes written over years of observations.

Additionally, there are useful tips and tricks designed to make your start in astronomy easier and pages to record your observations.

If you’re new to astronomy and own a small telescope, this book is an invaluable introduction to the night sky.

Praise for other books by Richard J. Bartlett:
“This is my third book from Mr. Bartlett and this one is as good as the others. I recommend it to all the beginners in my astronomy club.” By Darren C. Bly on August 15, 2015 reviewing “2016: The Night Sky Sights”

“Lots of wonderful information. A great reference guide and easy to follow. Every star gazer should have one with them” – By janine on November 18, 2015 reviewing “2015 An Astronomical Year”

“This is a superb book, well laid out and easy to follow even if you are a complete novice or keen astronomer.” by mr Fletcher on October 26, 2014 reviewing “The Astronomical Almanac, 2015-2019”

The Good, The Bad and The 12-steps

by Hallie Lions

Our country spends over 444 Billion dollars per year for the lack of mental health services and care. This book focuses on addiction.I am a retired dual diagnosis counselor with 30 years of personal and professional experience finding and developing approaches towards mental health. I wrote this book because of the Heroin Epidemic and the lack of effective resources. We need to DEMAND EVIDENCE-BASED INFORMATION for addiction and other mental illnesses. In the meantime, we need to make use of the resources we have. The most widely used philosophy are 12-step programs. This is a short book to clarify what you can gain from 12-step programs and tactics in these groups that could sabotage recovery.

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