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Intriguing the Viscount: Sweet and Clean Regency Romance (His Majesty’s Hounds Book 2)

by Arietta Richmond

A scandal, a spy, a charming Viscount, a shy and beautiful Lady, a conspiracy with a dramatic conclusion.

Charlton Edgeworth, Viscount Pendholm, returned from war to discover that his late brother had left him an inheritance of scandal. In the midst of dealing with that, he is called upon to serve his country further, undercover, to thwart a conspiracy instigated by a French spy. Between scandal and spying, there are days when he feels as if the war isn’t over….

Lady Odette Marmont, beautiful daughter of a French aristocrat and an English Lady, has been raised by her aunt since her mother’s death, and would prefer a book in a quiet library to a society Ball. But her aunt insists that, at 22, it is time she married, so, although disturbed by how changed her father is, since he returned from France, she steels herself to brave the Season.

But Lady Odette’s father has attitudes and interests which bring him into conflict with everything that Charlton and his friends hold dear – and Lady Odette is caught in the middle.

Can Charlton and Odette find a way to explore their growing attraction, or will the tangle of scandal and treason tear them apart?

LIES WE NEVER SEE: Two women, generations apart, face the tragic loss of their husbands, lies and deception from those they hold close and new hope when all seems lost. A Low Country thriller.

by Michael Lindley

Hanna Walsh’s husband is found murdered in Charleston, South Carolina. His failed land deal leaves her family and finances in ruins. The FBI thinks she knows more than she’s letting on and a dangerous crime family thinks she’s hiding several million dollars they want back.

An old letter and journal found in the attic of the family’s beach house on Pawley’s Island reveals her distant grandmother, who owned the same house as a young widow during the Civil War, suffered a similar path of emotional loss, crushing betrayal and financial hardship.

Her grandmother’s story chronicles the tragic loss of her husband in a senseless battle fought weeks after the war had ended and a mysterious stranger who has returned to tell of her husband’s needless death. Hanna finds their hopes for deliverance both depend on those they still hold close, but betrayal and ultimate salvation come in many unexpected forms.

Michael Lindley’s new fourth novel continues his tales of love and life struggles with parallel storylines set in both present-day and compelling historical contexts. His first novel, THE SEASONS OF THE EMMALEE has been an Amazon Kindle #1 selection for Historical Fiction, Mystery and Suspense, as well as Women’s Fiction.

If you love historical fiction blended with a modern-day story of lost love, mystery and suspense, and a timeless setting in the Low Country of South Carolina, discover LIES WE NEVER SEE today!

Praise and Five Stars for Michael Lindley novelsâ?¦

“â?¦ Lindley is a masterful storyteller, effortlessly moving between past and present.”
“â?¦ his work reads elegantly and is artfully crafted.”
“â?¦ beautifully merges storylines of then and now.”
“â?¦ a rising talent.”

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