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Tate’s Imagination Station! (Gabe and Tate Series Book 1)

by Alice Lynn Adams

Tate and Gabe are home by themselves, doing homework after their parents’ 12-hour shift at the factory begins. When problems arise, Tate and Gabe use creativity and imagination to solve them. They make possible Tate’s Imagination Station!

The Unofficial Harry Potter Secret Quiz Book: Fun Facts, Questions and Answers

by Lena Shaw

Are you a Harry Potter nerd? Or maybe you have one in your family? Or maybe you are looking for a perfect gift for a Harry Potter fan?
If this is the case, you really need to get this Harry Potter Secret Quiz Book!

As a fan of Harry Potter for over a decade, and as a trivia night and quiz games lover, I always wanted to create a special book for all my fellows and friends. Hopefully, this book will become a great addition to your Harry Potter collection and you’ll be delighted to learn much more about your favorite characters, books, actors, and films.

This book contains:

  • Tons of interesting content about Harry Potter books, films, actors, movie directors, J.K. Rowling, and so on
  • Rare and exciting facts divided into categories, such as Quidditch, Triwizard Tournament, Squibs, Hogwarts Ghosts, and much more
  • Interesting trivia questions to test your Harry Potter series knowledge
  • Answers to all questions at the end of the book
  • Convenient links from questions to answers and back to the content
  • A free bonus: Humor Library at the end of the book

I’m also the author of the popular book 500 Random Facts about Harry Potter, so, please, check it out as well, if you are a real Harry Potter fanatic!

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