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Smart Self-Help: A Practical 13-Technique Collection – Without Lies (Self-Help Power Book 2)

by Daniel White

Have you ever applied any self-help techniques without having seen any improvements achieved?

If you are still willing to apply some self-improvement methods, you will be saved by this manuscript.

Personal growth is a choice!
But the effective techniques to really get results are not.

Smart Self-Help will not teach you any untested technique or theoretical pseudo-self-help ideas without a proven basis because each one of the 13 techniques you are going to find here has been thoroughly analysed and tested by Daniel White.

Everyone has different objectives and requirements, but to satisfy them there are some commonly established facts.

You will be able to apply every single technique, but the ones you focus on will depend on your individual needs

These very specific techniques are a strengthening follow-up to the Practical 3-Step Method explained in the popular manuscript by Daniel White.

If you have already read the first book in the series, Start Self-Help, you are ready to identify which of the three steps we are focusing on this time.

Every technique is result-oriented and without any lies.
All of Daniel’s students have the opportunity to finally change their life in a practical way, without running the risk of losing their time using untested and non-functional techniques.

Here are a few of the smart and practical techniques you will learn and you will be able to instantly start to apply.

  • Just do this one activity every day and change your life in two weeks.
  • Think this way and achieve your goals without excuses.
  • Make your personal anchors and take control of your emotions.
  • Take actions like this and don’t let your personal growth stop for any reason.
  • Be at peace with yourself thinking and acting subconsciously.

You always have the possibility to change yourself, but at this moment you also have the opportunity.

Like you already understand, personal growth is a choice.
You don’t need luck, you need practical techniques.

Ways that can give you more results

Even if you don’t know what the 3-Practical-Step Method is, you can take the Practical Self-Help Bundle and start to scale up your mindset improvement roadmap.

If you’re serious about getting into a process that will completely change your life, you can look for the complete Daniel White program, the Self-Help Power Bundle.

Practical Self-Help includes 2 manuscripts

  1. Start Self-Help: The Practical 3-Step Method
  2. Smart Self-Help: A Practical 13-Technique Collection – Without Lies

Self-Help Power includes 3 manuscripts.

  1. Start Self-Help: The Practical 3-Step Method
  2. Smart Self-Help: A Practical 13-Technique Collection – Without Lies
  3. Self-Help Coach: 3 Advanced Lessons – Exploit Real-Life Rules & Secrets

Keto Meal Prep Cookbook: The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide For Beginners With The Best And Easy Recipes

by Luisa Grant

You want to lose weight, but is hard choose healthy food?
You don’t have so much time or ideas for cook delicious meal?

Change your life now with my guide!

I Wrote this book, Keto Meal Prep Cokbook: The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide
For Beginners With The Best And Easy Ketogenic Recipes specially created for you, to make tasty meal for every day.
You will learn how to start a ketogenic diet step by step with my tips, easly.

Keto Meal Prep Cookbook features:

– How To Get In Shapes in 30 Days

– How To Choose The Right Food

– Why You Need To Start A Ketogenic Diet

– How To Bring Your Family Together

– Recipes For Every Day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Apply My Experience To Enjoy Every Meal!

What are you waiting? Let’s Start Now!

The Permanent Shin Splints Fix: True and Lasting Solutions for Runners to Eliminate Shin Splints and Stay Injury-Free

by Jim Flanagan

The Permanent Shin Splints Fix is concise and distilled with crucial information. It provides the reader with lesser-known and overlooked details about Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome – commonly known as shin splints.

The Permanent Shin Splints Fix does not bring the promise of instant remedies. It promises simple, lasting solutions that you can begin to implement immediately so that you can relieve your symptoms and make an assured return back to running pain free.

This book will answer questions that runners commonly have: What exactly is shin splints? What causes shin splints? What are the best ways to treat shin splints? Do I really have to stop running completely?

Runners experiencing shin splints would finish reading the book with a clear sense of direction in solving the problem for good.

The Lectin Free Cookbook: Top Easy and Delicious Lectin Free Recipes for your Electric Pressure Cooker (Lose Weight, Prevent Disease and Live Lectin-Free)

by Giles G. Lion

When you recognize that your body is not working the way it should, it is a sad and, sometimes, scary day. Maybe you noticed a few extra pounds on the scale or, worse, you have been diagnosed with a serious illness. Sometimes, it is not you that is experiencing these issues, but a person you know and care about. Whatever the situation is, you are here looking into how you can live healthier.

There are a lot of “fads” out there, but when you learn more about lectins, you will understand why this lifestyle will not only help you minimize symptoms including losing weight but will also start to bring your body back into balance.

One of the hardest things about trying to be healthier is the time and financial commitment you think you need to make. Yes, you do need to take time to learn a new way of thinking when it comes to your food. But, do you really need to pay triple the cost for pasture-raised beef over conventional? Is there a major difference between a russet and sweet potato?

Turns out, on a cellular level, there is a difference. This is not your typical recipe book or diet description. This book is here to give you the answers on how you can restore your health by living lectin-free on a budget and in less time. Less time spent in the kitchen, at the grocery store, and making the adjustment in your life.

Changing your lifestyle is hard on its own, and thinking you have to dedicate excessive resources to it can continue to delay action. Now is the time to stop pushing off to tomorrow what you need to be doing today to manage your weight and restore your health. Your body has evolved over the centuries to live in harmony with your diet and environment, but with new scientific advances and exposure to new foods, it cannot keep up. You have two choices: stick with the pain and discomfort or choose foods that do not make you sick. If you are reading this book, chances are you have picked the latter.

The goal of this book is to show you how lectins are impacting your body and how you can heel your gut with choosing the “right” foods. You can also learn how a lectin-free diet will help you lose weight, especially in combination with other lifestyle changes, big and small. Finally, use the second part of the book to explore how you can use your electric pressure cooker to shave time off in the kitchen, preparing healthy meals. You will finish this book; confident in your choice to live a lectin-free life with all the tools you need to make good choices and having recipes to help make sure to keep you on track.

Highlights of the book include:

  • A Clear guide on the best foods and drinks for a lectin-free diet
  • The full “yes” and “no” list of foods, including guidance on how to substitute the “worst” with lectin-free alternatives
  • Honest pros and cons list regarding the science and application of low-lectin foods in your life
  • Where to buy the best foods for the best quality and price
  • Lifestyle improvements you can expect when you remove lectins from your life
  • How you can expect to lose weight with this lifestyle
  • How meal prep can work for you and your goals, along with tips and techniques to make it fit into your life
  • Instructions on how to understand and operate your electric pressure cooker
  • A sampling of delicious and various recipes you can make in your electric pressure cooker that follows a low-lectin diet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • And much, much more!
  • Buy the Paperback version today and get the Kindle edition for FREE!

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