Free science fiction Kindle books for 30 Jul 18

The Itinerant Beekeeper

by Craig Burrows

The Itinerant Beekeeper tells the story of a traveling apiarist in the mildly postmodern American outback. An experienced survivor of the ecological collapse, he extracts a living from the dusty land by traveling with his bees on the depopulated west coast, taking life one season at a time.

Theonite: Planet Adyn (Book 1 in the Theonite Series)

by M. L. Wang

The only thing scarier than finding out you have Earth-shaking superpowers… is finding out you aren’t the only one.

Nobody looks twice at Joan Messi when she walks down the hall at school… and she does everything she can to keep it that way. You can’t afford friends or attention when you’re keeping a secret as big as hers. Unbeknownst to her teachers and classmates, Joan’s over-sized sweatshirt and antisocial behavior conceal power that defies the laws of reality.

FEAR has kept it hidden.

PASSION has kept it alive.

DISASTER will set it loose.

Joan is at her happiest when she uses her powersâ??stirring air currents, creating fire, and levitating metal objectsâ??but she learned at a young age that no one in her small-minded suburban neighborhood was prepared to accept her abilities. Since that painful revelation, she has hidden her powers, isolating herself from others, even keeping her own parents at a distance.

However, all that changes when a boy named Daniel Thundyil transfers to her school and she begins to suspect that he is concealing powers of his own. Burning with curiosity and desperate to end her loneliness, Joan makes it her mission to get to the bottom of this boy’s secrets. What she uncovers is hard to believe, even for someone as strange as she is: Daniel and his father are crime-fighters from a parallel dimension of super-powered beings, and they have come to her town in search of nameless criminal so powerful his presence threatens all life on Earth.

In these inter-dimensional travelers, Joan finds a hope she never thought possible: that she could belong somewhere. But storm clouds are gathering over the rooftops of suburbia, and Joan realizes that the closer she gets to her newfound friends, the closer she gets to a danger too terrible to contemplate. Now, the most powerful girl on Earth faces a choice: will she retreat back to the safety of her life in hiding or brave the storm for a chance at truth and friendship?


Theonite Book I: Planet Adyn
Theonite Book II: Orbit
Theonite Book III: (Title TBA 2018)
The Sword of Kaigen (A Theonite War Story) (Coming to Amazon 2018)


The Theonite Series is a YA fantasy/science fiction blend perfect for anyone who loves superheroes, afrofuturism, magical powers, mysterious worlds, and heart-pumping suspense. Fans of Tomi Adeyemi, Leigh Bardugo, and Rick Riordan will adore this heartfelt journey through a girl’s exploration of her supernatural powers and her encounter with an alternate reality.

“This book opens up whole new worlds and new ways of looking at culture and race and social norms.”

“This was an absolutely incredible read, certainly the best of the best of all the books I’ve read in the genre! … Could not recommend enough!”

“Theonite was a fantastic book on so many levels. Joan’s characterization especially reminded me of my own middle/high school experience as a gifted but heinously bored student. Her discovery and honing of her powers, her pride, and her subsequent loneliness will resonate with anyone who has ever felt like an outsider for being inexpressibly different.”

Constant Gray

by Ryan Taylor

It’s the end of the world…

Or at least it was. The apocalypse has come and gone in all its horror and glory.

Now, God and Satan have foregone the battlefield, and powerful allies have been left to their own devices.

The earth is divided. On one half, the sun never sets and the scorched earth burns eternally. The other half is a landscape of doomed darkness where demons lurk around every corner.

The scale is tipped in this ruined world. Unfortunately, not in favor of the righteous.

After being released from years of torture underground, Khadim emerges and embarks upon this wasted planet unaware of his fate. He is meant for something much greater than himself. He doesn’t know it yet, but he is destined to bring balance.
In other words, some guy is going to kick a lot of ass and save everyone…

Whether he wants to or not.

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