Free horror Kindle books for 31 Jul 18

The Blood Bees And Other Unnerving Tales

by Jerry Gerold

A demonic being is haunting a young woman. A little girl speaks to a war veteran through his radio. An ancient pharaoh is reaping people’s souls. Mr. Pall, Sam’s Old Philco and Blood Bees, plus three other stories are included in this short story collection. (Includes the previously published stories Opopanax Lighthouse, First Gold and Penelope’s Vines.)

Zombie Bytes

by Tracy Wilson

Haunted by the memory of a near death accident, the life of former paramedic Sarah Eichman wasn’t easy. But when the harsh reality of the apocalypse hit, coping with life’s ups and downs took on a new meaning. With the dead marching to consume the world, Sarah and her best friend rely on each other to survive. Not only must they fight their own fears, the risks presented by other survivors threaten to rip away their humanity.

Will they become something far worse than the monsters they face or will their actions guarantee a better future? Guided by fear and strengthened by courage, these two friends will fight against the odds…or
die trying.

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