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Bitcoin Profits Crash Course: How to Make Money With Bitcoin in 7 Days or Less! The Ultimate Guide to Bitcoin Mining, Investing and Trading

by Frank Richmond

The Secret to Making Money with Bitcoin…

Bitcoin has crashed into the public consciousness in the last few months, but what exactly is it? In this book, you’ll not only find out what Bitcoin and its fellow cryptocurrencies really are, but how to get started making money in the world of the blockchain.

Most people think of Bitcoin as a digital dollar bill, but it’s a whole lot more than that. Based on revolutionary technology and a new way of thinking about the financial system we rely on, it brings the promise of fundamental change to the way we store, spend and save money. Not to mention the promise of a new form of investment for you as an individual consumer.

Delve into the world of Bitcoin from the very beginning

In this book, you’ll find out where Bitcoin came from and why. Discover the financial disaster that birthed a new industry and the reasons it became so popular, so fast, as well as the reasons it will likely be sticking around for the long haul.

Learn about the technology that made Bitcoin possible

Most people are still confused about Bitcoin and the technology that makes it popular. That’s understandable – it’s a brand new way of thinking. In this book, you’ll discover:

·         How the blockchain made it possible to throw bank managers and regulators to the curb

·         The myths and mysteries of cryptocurrencies – and the truth behind them

·         What made Bitcoin different from any other currency on the planet

Start your Bitcoin investments right now

Discover the principles of Bitcoin investment that will help you stand strong in a volatile environment, from learning how to ignore temptation to thinking in the long term and making sure that you and your investments are protected.

Buy your very first Bitcoins

In this book, you’ll learn the basics of getting involved in Bitcoin and how to take those first important steps in this whole new world. You’ll find out about:

·         Bitcoin addresses and how they keep you protected

·         Finding your first coins and acquiring them

·         Choosing your first Bitcoin exchange

Discover plentiful investment opportunities

This book will open up the world of Bitcoin to you, from investing in short and long term opportunities to investing in new companies and devising your own strategy from the future. You’ll discover:

·         What a Contract for Differences is and how to make it profitable

·         How to become a Bitcoin miner

·         How to make money through Initial Coin Offerings

·         How to loan your coins to other investors

Start making money in the Bitcoin environment right now!

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The No B.S. Guide to Stress Management: How to Manage Stress, Defeat Anxiety, and Achieve Your Kick-Ass Potential

by Michael R. Clarke

Are YOU too Stressed Out to Read a Stress-Management Book?

Want to DISCOVER the latest, cutting-edge stress-reduction TRICKS and STRATEGIES?

Want to know find out the SECRETS to finding that relaxed, stress-free “YOU” dying to get out? (In just MINUTES a day!)

You’ve come to the RIGHT PLACE!


“The No B.S. Guide to Stress Management”

you’ll learn:

  • How to Hack Your BRAIN for Maximum Stress-Reduction Awesomeness
  • How to Turn Your Body Into a STRESS-BUSTIN’ Machine of Kick Ass-ness
  • How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep (Even If Yer a Total INSOMNIAC)
  • How to Make a Living (WITHOUT Losing Your Frickin’ Mind)
  • And so much more!
  • Each chapter includes easy-to-follow action steps to help you boost your Stress-Management IQ – without taking some boring seminar at your local junior college.

    The bottom line?

    If you want to discover the secrets to (finally) living a stress-free life â?? and reclaim some of that INNER AWESOMENESS â?? then check out “The No B.S. Guide to Stress Management.”

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    Good luck with your quest toward ultimate stress-management awesomeness!

    Talk soon,

    Michael R. Clarke

Forex Trading: Ultimate Proven Guide to Profitable Trading: Volume III – Introduction to Technical Analysis

by Josh Bright

Complete guide: From scratch to finding a proven profitable system, one that truly suits you.


Forex Trading

Ultimate Proven Guide to Profitable Trading

Through out this Series, you will find tools that will let you gain control over your life and more importantly, over your wealth. Concepts ranging from simple definitions, powerful money management techniques, the right approach and exact trading psychology needed, to explained proven profitable trading systems, all of these will be covered, letting the series convert into a complete guide to finding your own profitable trading system.

All of these insights will be covered with simple and easy to understand words, and will let you set, track and achieve your own profitable trading strategy/system. Every relevant concept you might need in order to launch yourself into Forex Trading, and more, will be covered throughout this series.

The series is NOT difficult, far from it. It’s practical. It’s written for everyone. It’s concise. It’s based on current profitable trading strategies, the correct psychology used, and the already successful money management techniques. Wether you are already into trading and want to improve your skills and reinforce important concepts, or you are a complete beginner and are willing to join us as another successful trader, this series and it’s volumes are without a doubt what you are looking for.

As long as you get deeper into the series, you will find its unmatched value.

In this Volume, we will be covering the following subjects:

Volume III – Introduction to Technical Analysis.

  • Hammers and Shooting Stars To Reverse a Trend
  • Morning and Evening Stars in Technical Analysis
  • Gaps vs. Windows
  • Different Types of Doji Candles
  • Moving Averages to Ride a Trends
  • Golden and Death Crosses in Forex Trading
  • Using the Higher Highs and Lower Lows to Build a Channel
  • Classic and Dynamic Support and Resistance Levels
  • Confluence Areas in Forex Trading
  • How to Trade the Head and Shoulders Patterns
  • A Guide to Trading Wedges
  • Bullish and Bearish Flags Explained
  • Ascending and Descending Triangles in Forex
  • When Triangles Reverse a Trend
  • Bollinger Bands as a Trend Indicators
  • Bollinger Bands as a Breakout Indicators
  • The Key to Trading Theories – Fibonacci Ratios

To-Do-List Supercharged: The ultimate guide to enhancing your productivity (Growing into Success and Happiness Book 4)

by Katie Stone

Whatever is still nagging at you – you can finally get it all done!

You probably know how useful a To-Do-List can be – but you probably also use it wrong.

Learn how to massively boost your productivity and have more time for yourself by tricking your brain into working for you, not against you!

From the fundamental principles of productivity to fixing the underlying issues that keep you from achieving everything you dream of getting done – this book will help you discover a whole new side of yourself.

To-Do-List Supercharged is book 4 in the “Growing into Success and Happiness” Series.

Facebook Growth Hacking: How to Correctly Set Up and Maintain Your Facebook Presence and Gain Massive Amounts of Fans (Social Media Marketing 4)

by Jeff Abston

Fасеbооk is аn active Ñ?lаtfоrm fоr еntеrtаinmеnt, news, аÑ? well as a Ñ?осiаl nеtwоrking Ñ?lасе for friеndÑ? аnd family. However, the Ñ?аmе platform Ñ?lаÑ?Ñ? an imÑ?оrtаnt role fоr many buÑ?inеÑ?Ñ? оwnеrÑ? and mаrkеtеrÑ? in idеntifÑ?ing аnd rеасhing thеir tаrgеt audience as well inсrеаÑ?ing their Ñ?аlеÑ?.

What you will learn:

  • How to generate massive traffic
  • How to growth hack your facebook pages
  • How to growth hack with facebook advertising
  • The best Facebook fan page strategies
  • How to get QUALITY traffic
  • How to get people to join your fan page
  • How to increase likes
  • And much more!

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