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Stoicism: Apply Stoicism to Your Everyday Life and Overcome Destructive Emotions (Learn Self Control, Become Free from Anger, Greed, Jealousy and Take On Negativity in Your Life)

by Geoffrey Loren

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In this incredible book you will learn the SECRET to applying Stoicism into your everyday life. After a quick and easy walkthrough into Stoic history, theology, and psychology, you will dive deep into learning KEY METHODS of Stoicism that you can implement today giving you REAL RESULTS. 

â??â??Here is what you will Learnâ??â??

– Quick history on Stoicism and its theology and psycology

– How to become an Unbiased Thinker

– Self-Control and Fortitude

– Letting go of Greed, Anger, and Jealousy

– Overcoming Destructive Emotions

– Taking on Negativity

– And Much More!

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Humans have a bad habit of putting their emotional thoughts ahead of logical thinking. Part of being a good stoic is thoroughly processing your emotions, but choosing to act logically. Being able to operate in total fairness is a virtue that is severely lacking in this world. A true stoic works completely within the laws of nature and the idea of going against that for personal gain and emotional status will only lead to problems down the line. Acting selfishly is human nature, but it is this trait that often derails us.

Being unbiased in your thinking gives you the ability to objectively see all of the possibilities presented to you. People who take only a possible solution to a problem into consideration, ignoring personal feelings toward the issue, or toward the person who is supplying the idea means, make the best decisions.

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