Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 01 Aug 18

Mail Order Bride: Winning the Sheriff’s Heart: Sweet, Clean, Inspirational Western Historical Romance

by Callie Gardner

Marianne Pryor had thought that her life was perfect. She had a caring husband, a flourishing homestead, and a darling son, Peter. Tragedy strikes when her husband dies suddenly from yellow fever, and now she is at the mercy of her brother-in-law.

Carlton Pryor is an evil brute of a man who has designs on marrying Marianne for himself.

Widowed, Robert Darnell, the sheriff of Last Chance, Texas, has seen it all, from bank robberies to drunkards, he’s taken care of the place for four years. Now settled, he harbors a dark secret and has no time or inclination for love. Realizing he needs something to help him fend off the local townswomen’s unwelcome advances, he advertises for a mail-order bride. Strictly a business arrangement he tells himself.

But, when she finally arrives, will Robert be able to accept her? Especially when his bride to be, Marianne, arrives with Peter, a child he hadn’t bargained for and with secrets of her own?

What secrets are they both holding back?

What danger awaits them both?

Can they learn to trust and love again?

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One Fine Amish Man

by Hannah King

Would you swap your life of wealth, glitz and glamour for a life of simplicity?

Ambitious Jessica Amman is looking for a breakthrough project that will catapult her to superstardom. The first stint she is offered is to be a guest on the show, “Be the Past You”รข?? which will be shown on national TV. The idea of the show is to discover the heritage of a celebrity, and the celebrity has to live the way their ancestors lived for a whole month.

When Jessica signed up for it, she expected it would get her closer to being a household name. However, she discovers that she was an Amish. So, for 30 days, she will live the life of an Amish.

But, most Amish communities do not permit any appearance on television. They do not even want to be captured in pictures, let alone videos. Jessica and the production team decide to go undercover.

Her undercover stint leads her to Peter Shrock. His simplicity frustrates Jessica. Only when she sees the sincerity beyond his plainness, Jessica’s heart begins to melt. Just before the undercover project is over, she realizes she’s fallen deeply in love with him.

Now she doesn’t want to leave. But can she drop her desire for fame and fortune? Is she willing to trade glitz and glamour for a life with an Amish man?

If you like Amish romances with deeper meaning in a shorter story, then you’ll love Hannah King’s books. Her other titles include:

– A Regret to Belong
– The Minister’s Destined Wife
– To Love A Richer Man

And more!

All are easy-read, clean Christian romances. Get one today. Or make it easier on yourself and download the 6-book collection: “Our Amish Lives”.

She Was So Right!: 77 More Groundbreaking Predictions (Mystical Mimi’s Clairvoyance Collection Book 2)

by Mimi Starbrick

“Powers Boothe will have a stand at the New York Comic Con. He will call it “The Powerful Powers Boothe’s Booth”.”

Back by popular demand, Mimi Starbrick returns with her next volume of prophecy and predictions, entitled “Wow! She Was So Right!”. Containing seventy-seven more incredibly bold predictions, Mimi is certain that her ability to read into the future will not fail her.

With seventy-seven full-color images, this book is a visual look into the future that will soon be upon us all.

So what are you waiting for? Buy your copy today!

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