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I Can See You Now: A Unique Relationship of Love & Hope (Family Life & Parenting)

by Michal Shraga

What dark secrets are your children hiding from you?

This book takes you on a courageous journey into the souls of a mother and a daughter. A unique text, written by them in tandem, exposes what all of us are afraid to discover. Do we really know what is happening with our children? Are we perhaps at times asleep in our relationships? Has our child given up, and what can we do about it? What began as a normal communication breakdown between a rebellious teenager and her Momâ??who is juggling studies, a career, raising her children, and preserving a marriageâ??turns into a nightmare, and secrets that had been hidden for years are revealed.

Encounter a mother and daughter’s true journey of healing, faith, and hope

Slowly, with great patience and caring, the mother succeeds in unraveling the entanglement in their lives, eventually bringing them to the peaceful shores of healing and love. This courageous, gripping book will not leave you unmoved. It provides a mirror through which one can learn to perceive the other without laying blame, to see the other without being judgmental. To give love in the hardest moments is the biggest cure you can hand to your loved ones.

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My Own Ever After: a memoir

by Heather Huffman

March 31, 2011, my family’s world was forever changed when my middle son was in a horseback riding accident that left him in a coma for five days and set him on a journey that would require him to relearn everything. That fateful day changed the trajectory of all our lives in ways we could never have imagined.

Now, seven years later, I look back on our story of miracles and hardship, of things lost and found, of coming home.

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