Free fantasy Kindle books for 02 Aug 18

KINK Online – Part One: A LitRPG Harem Adventure

by David Belwick

“You know….if you treat me just right, I can be your companion,” Daisy said. “And we’ll both get special bonuses when you figure out what my kink is!”
“And what is your kink, Daisy?” I asked.
“You’ll have to figure out that one for yourself,” Daisy said with a wink. “Sir.”

KINK:online.  I bought a new MMO because my life in retail isn’t the most exciting, besides my chance encounters with the hot pizza delivery girl. 

KINK:online promises to cater to the fantasies of its player-base, and I for one can’t wait to dive head first into the world.  There’s plenty of places to explore, and a lot of action packed gameplay, and numerous women to seduce and add to my harem

KINK:online is a new fantasy series.  Containing elements of litRPG, fantasy gameplay with swords and sorcery, and lots of hot MF and MFF scenes.  It is focused on steamy elements, and has elements of magic and the paranormal.  18+ only! 

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