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Keto Diet Pocket Guide: Benefits, Symptoms, Natural Remedies, Foods, Facts, and 4 of the Best Keto Recipes and Shopping List.

by Derek Shawn

Many are choosing good health and achieving results with the ketogenic diet. People who have been fighting obesity for years are now winning this battle. This is having a tremendous impact and changing lives. However, this undertaking is not always an easy one. Side effects are causing people to drop out before they see results. Food addictions are causing people to stray. Knowledge can be like a bridge spanning failure and success. A lack of knowledge about how to cope is a significant hurdle. This book will provide information and tools that will empower you, including:

-Benefits of the keto diet
-A complete list of keto whole foods
-A list of side effects and natural remedies
-Tips for eating keto
-Types of keto diets
-The 4 best keto dishes, ever
-A grocery shopping list

Join me on your keto journey; we will walk through the knowledge that will help you succeed!

Decluttering: 50 Minimalism Ways and Strategies to Declutter your Home and Life

by Eugene Barry Gordon

The book is more of a motivational text than instruction manual discussing the themes of minimalism according to a relatable context. It breaks down 50 ways of reducing clutter within your life grouped according to four categories. These are:

  • Mindset or perspective
  • Implementation
  • Social media themes
  • Peripheral considerations

All of these tools are meant to reduce and eventually eliminate clutter in your life from a mental position to the implementation and everything in between governing the life of an individual.

The book encourages a lifestyle change from consumerism which has become a silent plague on the present society and shows ways of how to assimilate minimalism into your life until it becomes part of your habits. Minimalism is not encouraged as a goal but a continuous process because cluttering is oriented the same way. Clutter is also a lifestyle which entails glut and neglect. This book teaches how to be aware of your surroundings and keeping vigil on your mind and your residence.

Ketogenic Diet For Beginners 2018: 2 Books in 1: Keto Diet for Beginners + Keto Cookbook

by Richard Newman

Ketogenic Diet for Beginners 2018 is the Ultimate Keto Manual for starting and achieving your health and fitness goals! The Ketogenic Diet has proved to the entire world that lowering your carb intake causes unreal weight loss and amazing improvements in your overall health! 

This 2 book BUNDLE provides not only delicious recipes but also a deeper insight into the science of the ketogenic diet! 

Purchase your copy today! 2 books in 1 bundle deal! 

Android Development for Gifted Primates: A Beginner’s Guide (Guides for Gifted Primates Book 1)

by Antonis Tsagaris

Tired of dry, humorless, life-sucking coding books that feel like they were written by an automaton called Automax-201421?

Me too. That’s why this book takes a different approach!

In this very opinionated book about Android development, geared towards beginners, you will learn, among other things

  • how to create a user interface by using XML
  • how to make that user interface interactive
  • how to start background services
  • how to facilitate communication between various Android components by using Intents and Broadcast Receivers
  • why King Kong should not be able to produce actual excrement BUT THE GOVERNMENTS KEEP LYING TO US ABOUT IT
  • how people debugged their Android apps in the trenches of World War I

…and much more.

Written in a very serious and dryly technical manner by Antonis Tsagaris, this tome of celestial wisdom is meant for beginners and is rated R for strong language and mild sexuality.

Antonis is the Android developer for codehouse five, a company specializing in web and Android development. Check out Karkoona, Looxie and Veterondo in the Play Store to see some of his work in action. Most of his apps have been featured in some Apps of the Week/Month/Year list or another in world-renowned publications such as TechRadar, The Times of India, PhoneArena, Android Police and many more.

Antonis enjoys souvlaki, hiking, salivary glands (it’s a thing) and talking about himself in the third person.

OPT OUT: Rethink success. Reinvent rich. Realize the life you want.

by Dana Robinson

How do you live the life you want now, not when you’re 65? You opt out.

My mission is simple. I want to help you break free of the rat race. I want to give you permission to live the life you want. You might want to own a business. You might want to scale down to the simple life and have more time. You might want to vagabond the world. Whatever freedom means to you, I want to give you some tools that will empower you to achieve it.

Maybe you’ve been on the hamster wheel for years, or maybe you’ve just come to realize that you’re stuck in a life that’s keeping you from realizing your dreams. Most people are doing things the way they’ve been told. Work hard. Climb the corporate ladder. Save your money. Buy a house. Invest in a retirement account. But, it’s a trap. You probably know its a trap, and feel the system is rigged against you. How do you escape the grind, get ahead and live the life you want? You break the rules. You opt out.

Escaping the rat race doesn’t come by working harder and spending less. It comes from knowing the tricks employed by other dropouts and rebels that have enabled them to beat the system and live the life most of us only dream about.

I hope you’ll join me as a thief in a world full of opportunities for bold souls daring to explore unconventional means of living. If you let me, I’ll help you become a subversive millionaire, living the life you want.

Opt Out is the story of serial-entrepreneur Dana Robinson’s life-long quest to learn the secrets of those who have successfully tapped into the hidden path to real success. From a string of major life changes and bold business risks to abruptly giving up the American dream for the beaches of Bali, Dana details his personal path to success through incredible stories and hard-found truth. Along the way, his life-changing discoveries on how to successfully hack the system offer an in-depth instruction manual for anyone looking to reinvent their own lives in a world that rewards those that take path less traveled.
The only question is – are you ready to opt out?

Dana Robinson is an attorney, entrepreneur, law professor and Linkedin Learning educator.

But, those credentials didn’t get him the life he lives. Dana’s entrepreneurial ventures began when he was a kid, selling the family chicken eggs to neighbors, mowing lawns and making hairclips he sold to girls in middle school. He launched his first real business at 19, sold that four years later then started another. Since then he’s owned, co-owned and invested in over a dozen ventures: from shoes to audiobooks; shelving to wine barrels; software to real estate. Along the way, he’s gathered a tribe that might appear to be a motley crew of non-conformists and the unemployable. But, that tribe is actually made up of subversive millionaires who are living a life that most people envy. They do what they want, when and how they want. Dana’s opt out life includes living in seaside mansions and driving luxury cars. But, it also includes a year in Bali surfing, exploring, and writing this book. Dana didn’t cash out with millions, win the lottery or inherit a dime. He’s not another business guru, or a tech billionaire. He’s just an average middle-class kid who hustled and reinvented what it means to be rich through counterintuitive ideas, hacks, and opting out of the mainstream approach to life, money and business. He’s achieved what people think success is all about: money, cars, homes, travel and luxury goods. But, not the way others accomplish this. He broke the rules and stole the good life. He reveals his secrets in this book.

Killer Doctor : The True Story of Kathleen Hagen

by Jessica Castano

A True Crime anthology centered around killers in the medical community. This series is headlined by “Killer Doctor” Kathleen Hagen. Hagen was an oddity among murderers as the picture didn’t fit. She was a highly successful doctor who landed a chief of staff position in a prestigious hospital. Well-bred and groomed for success, she nonetheless failed in her interpersonal relationships with two failed marriages as well as a strained relationship with both of her parents. Descending into madness, her life slowly unraveled until she lost her mind and murdered her parents while they slept.
This is her story.

How to Talk so Children Will Listen & Learn: How to Communicate with your Child to Build a Trustworthy Relationship, Engage Cooperation, Set Limits, and Prevent Conflicts

by Samantha Kimell

How to Communicate to Prevent Conflicts and Raise a Happy Child!

As a parent, can you honestly say that your little kids are really listening to you when you speak to them?  

If so, then you can proudly claim having built a trustworthy relationship with them!  Then, it’s peanuts for you to engage their cooperation, set limits, and prevent conflicts in almost all aspects of their life for nowâ?¦

As children grow, changes occur.  Hey, it’s hard being a little child, and similarly, it’s tough being an adult who’s in charge of that little growing kid.  Life is a never-ending growing and changing. To cope with all of these, we need to learn.

I share this book with you not only as a parent, but also as a professional with years of experience working with kids with different personalities.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn:

  • Building a Trustworthy Relationship.

  • Helping with your Child’s Negative Feelings.

  • How to engage your Child’s Willing Cooperation.

  • Setting Limits and Rules.

  • Punishment Alternatives.

  • Resolving Family Conflicts in a Positive Manner.

  • How to Prevent and Deal with Tantrums and Your Kid Being Stubborn.

Personally, I believe that parenting is the ultimate purpose of one’s life.  It is a choice you make, a challenge, the cross carried by some people, but a source of joy and fulfillment for many.  How we tackle this task somehow defines who we are and the future of humanityâ?¦

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Overcome Depression and End Your Suffering Now: An In-Depth Guide for Overcoming Depression, Increasing Self-Esteem, and Getting Your Life Back On Track

by Beau Norton

Overcoming depression has never been easier than it is today thanks to revolutionary advancements in bioenergetic techniques and the understanding of the mind-body connection. This book is a complete guide for overcoming depression using mental and physical techniques. When performed daily, these techniques have the power to dramatically increase your self-esteem and levels of happiness. The life-changing strategies in this book also have the power to catapult you to new levels of success in your life. This is not just a book for overcoming depression, it is a book for helping you to get more out of your life in every aspect.

Overcome depression, end your suffering, and start living the life that you deserve! I’m able to bring you this book today because of my own personal struggles with severe depression and anxiety. A few years ago, I hit rock bottom. I had suicidal thoughts and wasn’t sure I would ever overcome my depression. But one day I decided enough was enough. I decided to change my ways, and today I am happier than ever thanks to years of study and self-improvement. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through the huge learning curve like I did. You now have a complete guide for overcoming depression and reaching new heights in your life.

I am confident that this book will change your life. It is a comprehensive guide packed full of valuable information, while still being short and to the point with no fluff added. These are the very same techniques that have allowed me to overcome severe depression, increase my confidence through the roof, and start my own business. My life today is the result of many struggles. I’m happy to bring this book to you so that you may avoid the same mistakes I made and get straight to living the life of your dreams.

The Depression Anxiety Stress Lack of Motivation Buster

by Cassie Davis

The Buster’s goal is to help you to be released from being stuck in depression, anxiety, stress, lack of motivation. It’s aim is to help you free yourself, so you can decide how to deal with your issues in your own way. The Buster is a more real and profound, lasting way to change. It’s not about telling you what you should do, or trying to solve your problem for you, But rather, it aims to release you from whatever has you feeling trapped in life. It isn’t another book that gives you advice or tells you what you should do to solve your problem. I’m sure you already have plenty of that. The outcome of which is usually disappointing or temporary in bringing about positive change. But rather, it’s a process that aims to help you to remove whatever it is that has you trapped in life, so you are released to go forward once again. It aims to help you to release your own capacity to deal constructively with your life situation. It’s a therapeutic process you work through.

10 Ways to Make Money in a Free World (Penguin Specials)

by Nicholas Lovell

Free is coming. We all know how artists and are at risk from filesharing; now digital manufacturing and 3D printing mean that no industry is immune. But the same technology that enables easy piracy also offers a huge opportunity: artists and businesses can share what they do at low cost, while building relationships with fans.

So how can you embrace free, while finding the superfans who will help you thrive? How can you make money in the Free world? Here are ten ideas to reshape your future. Welcome to the Curve.

Nicholas Lovell is an author and consultant who helps companies embrace the transformative power of the internet. His blog, GAMESbrief, is read by those seeking to learn how digital is transforming gaming – and how to apply that knowledge to other industries. His clients have included Atari, Firefly, nDreams and Square Enix (creators of Tomb Raider), as well as Channel 4 and IPC Media. He is a columnist for Gamasutra, a contributor to the Wall Street Journal, and his articles have appeared in TechCrunch andWired. He lives in London.

The Other 11 Secrets: Discover the Hidden Secrets Beyond the Law of Attraction So You Can Finally Unlock the Life of Your Dreams

by Rob Aspinall

Law of Attraction still not working?

This could be whyâ?¦

The Law of Attraction is just one secret law.

Discover the other 11 hidden laws standing between you and the life of your dreams.

The universe is either working for you, against you or a frustrating mix of both. (Also known as â??being stuck’.)

To achieve the results you truly want and deserve, these are the 11 secret deal-breakers the super-successful automatically abide by, and that everyone should know.

In The Other 11 Secrets, each law is laid out in simple, practical terms you can start applying right now to every one of your goals and dreams.

No matter what you want to attract into your life, these 11 other laws are the little-known reasons most people struggle to change what they attract into their lives.

This short, easy to read book may not only be the missing piece to your manifesting puzzle. It will give you a much better understanding of yourself, the people around you and why you attract the things you do.

Better still, just knowing these laws will give you a secret advantage few people know about. Now just imagine what will happen when you finally get every single law of the universe working for you.

What you’re about to discover:

– The ONE thing you need to know about working with the Law of Attraction

– Theone law above all others deciding your fate

– How to tap into your unlimited creative power

– What you must know and do to have the things you want

– The unknown law that trips most people up when it comes to success

– Why the same results keep reoccurring in your lifeâ?¦and how to change them

– The secret formula the wealthy know that the masses don’t

– How to finally stop getting in the way of your own success

– The hidden law that could be costing you love, money, success and even your health

– The little changes that will make the biggest differences in your life

– Why your success is already guaranteed

– How NOT to disqualify yourself from your dreams

What you’re about to learn:

– How the universe really operates

– The way manifestation really works

– How to channel your thoughts to improve your results

– How to be a calmer, more loving person

– How to forgive yourself and others

– How to let go of worry and allow success to happen

– How to tune into an abundance mentality

– What to focus on when creating wealth in all its forms

– How to expand your view of yourself and what’s REALLY possible

Plus Two FREE Bonuses:

1. Instantly know if all 12 laws are on your side with a bonus HARMONY CHECKLIST.

2. Claim your exclusive ebook Attraction Hacks: 3 Secret Tricks to Instantly Raise Your Vibration and Manifest Your Dreams. FREE for a limited time.

Discover the Other 11 Secrets today.

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