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Mail Order Bride: The Widowed Brideâ??s Escape (Historical Western Romance)

by Rowan Gracemill

Widowed at twenty years old, Mary Harbrough learns that her husband has gambling debts. While looking for a job to pay them, she finds the Matrimonial Times and picks up a copy to see what it is. She decides to write to a man from the newspaper, which is filled with men advertising for wives.

To her delight, Mary hears back from Alexander Smith, who lives in Tucson, Arizona Territory, and they correspond several times before Alex asks her to come to Tucson so they can get to know one another better.

When she delivers a premature baby and saves its life, the grateful grandfather pays off all the debts, as well as her transportation to Arizona Territory.

Upon meeting Alex, who isn’t as cordial as in his letters, Mary becomes concerned that he wants a virtuous woman and hesitates to tell Alex that she’s a widow. Then she learns that Alex also harbors a secret.

What secret could that be? Would she ever break through to the friendly side that he’s shown her on occasion?

The Amish Waitress (Amish Romance)

by Orpah Lambright

Cornelia Blauch has a job in the local restaurant. She absolutely loves it; she meets many people, gets to see her friends, and she gets to work with amazing people. An incredible number of Englischers come through.

However, after her time in that world and her time back in the community, she realizes that she feels rather lonely. She may have a good job, and don’t get her wrong, she loves it, but she’s missing something important in her life. She hasn’t found a suitable man to court, and eventually, get married to.

Enter Silas Hooley. Cornelia has been aware of him, but he had gotten married five years ago to a lovely young lady. Now, with the passing of his wife, no one is quite certain how to respond to that. She had known his wife and knew that he could not have done anything to help her after she got sick. Attempting to help him, she makes it worse.

Then, an Englischer comes into the community. He made friends with Cornelia’s brother, and he plans to stay with the Blauch family while he experiments with the Amish life. He is immediately drawn to Cornelia, and he thinks that she will be much happier with him – outside the community.

Little does Cornelia realize that her boss, another Amish woman named Chloe, thinks that she and Silas would make a suitable couple under the eyes of Gott. At the urging of Chloe, Cornelia must make a choice. Does she pursue the spurned heart, or does she pursue the Englischer?

Donâ??t Feed the Monster!: Help Kids Overcome their Fears. (Bedtimes Story Fiction Children’s Picture Book Book 5)

by Sigal Adler

Don’t Feed the Monster!
One day Billy Monster to his great surprise,
Found out he’d won the most fabulous prize
An awesome new home to live in and share
With his very own kid to pester and scare!

The Innkeeperâ??s Daughter: Historical Christian Romance

by Harlow Avery

A mysterious stranger.
A sudden chance at love.
A mistake that may ruin it all.

Julia’s life has been a simple one. Take care of her family and take care of the inn. That is until a mysterious stranger with a mysterious mission shows up and turns everything on its head.

Julia has a single goal and there’s no room in her life for anything more. Luke sweeps into her life and makes her feel things she never felt before. As she finds herself falling for him a chance discovery leaves her shattered and results in Luke’s sudden departure.

When the truth about Luke comes to light, Julia is left wondering if she’s made the biggest mistake of her life and lost the only man she would ever love.

This short and sweet novella is a historical Christian romance set in the 1840s.

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The Earl’s Desire: Clean Regency Romance (The Peers of Eton)

by Catherine Windsor


When they were 13-years old, Viscount Alexander St. John, heir to the Earl of Hertford, told Isabel Wyndham that she would be his bride after he returned from Eton. At 21, Isabel was forced to accept that she had lost him when he went off to sea without the promise of a betrothal.

Isabel’s parents insist she marry the heir to her father’s land to secure the family’s future. Then she gets a sign from Alexander that she should wait for him. While she waits, tragedy strikes and Isabel loses Alexander a second time.

Could Isabel be happy as the Countess of Hertford if she marries the man that would now become Earl in place of Alexander?

The Earl’s Desire is a Clean Short Read Regency Historical Romance and is part of the Peers of Eton series.

Each story is a complete standalone story.

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