Free sports Kindle books for 02 Aug 18

To the end of the world: The quest for a lost son in Tibet and Bhutan

by Shlomo Korech

In the endless expanse of the Himalayas lies a mystery: Where did Niv Korech disappear? The voice of the young man, brave soldier and intrepid adventurer, was last heard in a phone call from Tibet to his father in Israel. Since then, nothing. His tracks have disappeared. So, what has happened to Niv?
To the End of the World is the true story of the revelation of infinite love – the love of a father for his son, prepared to cross the globe to find his child whilst battling to overcome all the obstacles placed in his way.
Tackling walls of bureaucracy, conflicting evidence, lack of funds, and physical and emotional exhaustion, Shlomo and his companions journey to the Far East, visiting India, China, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, experiencing every hardship imaginable on their way. Scaling the Himalayan mountains, searching local villages and trekking through jungles, this father will do whatever it takes to find his child and bring him back home.
Reconstructing step by step, the path taken by his son, will Shlomo find an answer waiting for him, where Niv’s footsteps come to an end?

Tracking the Territories 1984: Volume Two

by Liam Byrne

Following Volume One, Liam Byrne continues his review of the weekly episodic television from 1984. Included in this book are a range of reviews from promotions included AWA, CWA, GCW, Mid-South, MACW, WCCW and WWF with some additional reviews alongside.

Also, an appendix covers all the January to March episode from WCCW that were released on the WWE Network.

Close to 150,000 words of wrestling goodness, this book is the definitive guide for a huge transitional year in the wrestling world as a whole.

De Average a Asombroso Triatlon: Una guía completa para obtener mejores resultados (Spanish Edition)

by Mariana Correa

De Average a Asombroso Triatlón es un libro magnífico para cualquier triatleta que está buscando mejores resultados. Con la combinación e inspiración perfecta estará en el camino a la grandeza.
La autora Mariana Correa es una ex atleta profesional y una nutricionista deportiva certificada que compitió exitosamente en todo el mundo. Comparte sus años de experiencia tanto como una atleta y como entrenadora brindándole una perspectiva insuperable.
Este libro va más allá del tema de los Triatlones. Le inspirará a ser excelente y atreverse a soñar más allá de sus habilidades. Cada aspecto para tener éxito es explicado, incluyendo entrenamiento mental, hidratación, nutrición y mucho más.
Después de leer este libro estará en mejor estado físico, estará más saludable y por ende aumentará su calidad de vida.

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