Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 03 Aug 18

The Mobile Photographer

by Magnus Lewan

Forget about the fancy new complicated functionality of the latest phone cameras! This manual is packed with recommendations that work on almost any phone, no matter how simple or sophisticated. Get a new advanced phone, and the recommendations still work. Borrow the outrageously basic phone of an elderly relative, and most of this book remains valid.

The book talks about light, composition, subjects, and plenty of other things that are universal to all cameras. But there are also chapters on how to use a mobile phone to do things one couldn’t possibly do with a big camera. And we’re not only talking about fitting it in a tight trouser pocket.

What the book doesn’t do is to explain the latest technical features of brand new phones. But most of that will probably be obsolete in a year anyhow.

Stay simple, and become an expert on simplicity!

Bullet Journal for Beginners: Everything You Need To Know About Bullet Journal Including How to Start a Bullet Journal for Complete Beginners to Increase Productivity

by Paul Kyla

Bullet Journal for Beginners

Everything You Need To Know About Bullet Journal Including How to Start a Bullet Journal for Complete Beginners to Increase Productivity

Bullet journaling is a very popular method of organizing, documenting and helps you reflect on your day to day life, it is an easy to customize combination of journal, notebook, and diary and to do list and other thing you may want to add
The benefit of bullet journaling are numerous, bullet journals help to bring out imagination, it also helps to clear and free up mental space to enable you to think more clearly and concentrate better, you do not have to waste your mental memory remembering everything but instead, it allows you to put all your memory in the pages of the journal, and thus allows you to be free without having to worry that you forgot something
Also this type of productivity methods have greater benefits than digital tools which is increased retention, as writing with your hand helps to engage every senses which helps to remember things to do, it also signals your brain that your goals are important and thus making you more likely to follow through
Bullet journaling is more powerful than other paper planning methods because it helps to record your life history; it is where you can reflect on your accomplishment and joyful moments
This guide will show you how to get started with a bullet journal as well as equipment needed to start a bullet journal
You will also discover how to start a bullet journal for complete beginner without any prior knowledge; you will also be shown wonderful things to use your bullet journal for
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Learn to Paint in 5 Steps: And Unleash Your Creative Spirit! (Creative Spirits Book 1)

by Susan Elizabeth Jones

Based on the author’s successful workshops and “Creative Spirits” course, “Learn to Paint in 5 Steps and Unleash Your Creative Spirit” is a fun and easy process to follow for creating beautiful paintings, feeding the creative spirit, and developing a personal painting style. The book also teaches a variety of ways for turning your paintings into a new income stream. Perfect for even the beginning student!

Instagram Girls: 25 Girls You Need to Be Following On Instagram (Instragram Girls Book 1)

by Playboy Brazik

Instragram Girls is a collection that features the most beautiful and sexy ladies from Instagram. We’ve put together a list of the 25 Brazilian Girls You Need to Be Following On Instagram.

Whenever most people think of Brazilian girls they imagine some of the sexiest curves in the world. We made sure to fit some of those curves in this book but we also wanted to add some of the prettiest faces in Brazil. Enjoy our list of the top 25 sexiest Brazilian Instagram girls.

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