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The Smartest Serial Killer

by Mark Tandy

An anthology of True Crime centered around some of the more intelligent serial killers in modern times. srael Keyes was an American serial killer who was active from approximately 2001 to his capture in 2012. He was known for his extreme attention to detail, his patience and discipline in selecting targets that lived far away from him. He was also meticulous in disposing of his victim’s bodies as authorities have not uncovered any other evidence that Keyes did not provide.

Keyes was known to go to extreme lengths to hide his involvement in these murders, including driving across the country in rental cars, while using nothing but cash and removing the batteries from his cell phones in order to evade detection.

Keyes would have gone on killing and killing until he made one mistake…

Queen Elizabeth I: A Life From Beginning to End (Royalty Biography Book 3)

by Hourly History

Queen Elizabeth I

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There are many versions of Queen Elizabeth I of England; the beautiful young Tudor Queen courted by all the princes of Europe; a fearless virgin warrior in white velvet, rousing her troops on the battlefield; an irascible old woman in a powdered wig, surrounded by fawning young men. A formidable woman, Elizabeth I ruled alone at a time when Europe was a hotbed of conflict, dominated by empire-seeking Kings with opposing religious beliefs.

Inside you will read about…

â?? Early Years
â?? Becoming Queen of England
â?? The Matter of Succession
â?? Mary Queen of Scots
â?? The Last Suitor
â?? Trouble in England
â?? Mary’s Execution
â?? The Essex Affair
And much more!

A shrewd politician, Elizabeth manipulated these Kings using any means necessary, including her own hand in marriage, to transform what had been a small, relatively impoverished half- island nation into one of the greatest powers in the world. â??Queen of the Seas’, â??The Virgin Queen’, â??Gloriana’ and â??Good Old Bess’, Queen Elizabeth I inspired a cult following during her lifetime that endures to this day.

The Country Boy Killer: The True Story of Serial Killer Cody Legebokoff (Crimes Canada: True Crimes That Shocked the Nation Book 6)

by JT Hunter

JT Hunter is the bestselling author of The Vampire Next Door: The True Story of The Vampire Rapist, John Crutchley, and The Devil in The Darkness

He was the friendly, baby-faced, Canadian boy next door. He came from a loving, caring, and well-respected family. Blessed with good looks and back-woods country charm, he was popular with his peers, and although an accident at birth left permanent nerve damage in one of his arms, he excelled in sports. A self-proclaimed “die hard” Calgary Flames fan, he played competitive junior hockey and competed on his school’s snowboarding team. And he enjoyed the typical simple pleasures of a boy growing up in the country: camping, hunting, and fishing with family and friends. But he also enjoyed brutally murdering women, and he would become one of the youngest serial killers in Canadian history.

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Vetiver: Extra Mile

by Pancha Moorthy

Vetiver: Extra Mile presents the tale of an immigrant arriving in the United States, painting a portrait that may be unfamiliar to many. This memoir, written in narrative fashion, tells the story of M, a young medical student who immigrates to the country. While exploring M’s relationship with his new home and with his family, it describes the changes in health care in the United States over the last twenty yearsâ??though it does not seek to resolve the question of whether these changes are good or bad. It also considers various aspects of American medicine in general and American medical training in particular. What’s more, M’s recollections depict some of the trials and successes that immigrants face when beginning life in a new country. Through direct and personal storytelling, Vetiver: Extra Mile offers a firsthand perspective of immigrations and medicine from one uniquely suited to provide it.

Diary of a Human Target – From the Beginning to the End

by Isidora Vey

A diary is usually a personal record, where you write your secrets, your innermost thoughts and feelings. It’s something you keep for yourself, something you don’t share with others. But not this diary.
The “Diary of a Human Target” is different from any other, because it is not intended to be kept secret; on the contrary, it is meant to be read by as many people as possible.
It could be the diary of every person who feels isolated and trapped in a hostile world and can’t stay silent any more. It reflects a longing for real communication in an uncommunicative society.
Page by page, it exposes the subtle but inexorable war which is continually waged throughout human society, as it unfolds the tormented youth of Yvonne Fezarris: A free mind who is constantly targeted by visible and invisible evil forces and seeks to know the reason why -until she reaches an incredible conclusion…

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