Free fantasy Kindle books for 03 Aug 18

Blue Water (The Nike Chronicles Book 1)

by M.L. Bullock

Once the spoiled sister of Alexander the Great, Nike Augustine, a forgotten immortal, finds sanctuary on Dauphin Island. As the modern world encroaches on her safe haven, she hides in plain sight as an average “girl” next door. By day, she runs a souvenir shop, but she’s also the protector of the Sirens Gate, a fading portal to the world of the immortals. A chance encounter opens her eyes to the supernatural creatures that now call the island home, including a mermaid, a fallen goddess and a host of other beings. When an old enemy appears to challenge Nike and attempts to breach the portal, Nike must take to the water to stop her…but the cost might be too high.

As other immortals descend to help Nike protect the island, she is forced to choose between longtime crush, Cruise Castille, a mortal with a secret, and Ramara, a handsome supernatural being who has proven he’s willing to lose everythingâ??including his powersâ??for Nike.

Blue Water is Book One in the Nike Chronicles, a paranormal romance set against the backdrop of sandy beaches, shimmering oceans and an exciting twist on familiar mythological figures.

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