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Are You An Asset?: Are You An Asset?: 11 Keys To Being A Woman Who Brings More To The Table Than Her Appetite

by April Mason

Femininity and Life Coach April Mason thought she had it all together. After years of operating several successful businesses, helping women redesign their lives, and putting her children first, she realized she never balanced her life or nurtured the feminine woman within.

April mastered what it meant to be a mom, sister, friend, entrepreneur, aunt, mentor, life coach, confident, but she didn’t have a clue about who she was at her core. What really made April happy? What type of life did she want to live? With that ah-ha moment, she decided that it was time to redesign her own life. But how? Who could she look to as the blueprint of a balanced woman?

In this inspirational book, April shares 11 principles, characteristics, and traits of an unnamed woman who is said to have been the archetype of an Asset Woman! After studying this woman and applying what she learned, April made intentional and consistent changes daily that allowed her to embrace her femininity and womanliness while keeping her business success and influence.

* Do you feel like, in spite of your achievements, you still don’t know how to break free and soar in your personal life?

* Do you feel drained because you’ve had to be strong and take care of everyone else’s needs, but no one is ever there when you need them?

* Does your heart long for love, but you feel like you’ve had to choose between having a career over a fulfilling relationship?

The practical keys and suggestion, coupled with the humor and wit of a woman who has experienced exactly where you are, will make this a delightful, light-hearted quick read. The information can be applied immediately if you’re willing to do the work. Get ready to be transformed from the inside out.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Become Your Own Therapist: A Practical Step by Step Guide to Managing and Overcoming Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Panic, and Other Mental Health Issues

by Jessica Greiner

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Become Your Own Therapist!

Are you always on a bad mood? Have you lost interest on activities you used to love? Do you feel like you’re stuck in a black hole and there’s no way out? Do you feel like your heart is going to pop out of your chest? Do you’re stuck in life and you’re not moving forward? Do you feel like there’s no hope? Do you have irrational thoughts that are keeping you from fulfilling your true potential?

If you answered yes to these questions, you should read this book.

This book is about a very popular type of psychotherapy called CBT or Cognitive Behavior Therapy. CBT is commonly used to treat mental health issues and typically focuses on present difficulties and current situations that are distressing. This here-and-now focus allows you to solve current problems more quickly and effectively. What sets it apart from the other talk therapy types is that it trains you to become your own therapist.

The following step-by-step guide contains practical and easy to understand strategies that you can use to free yourself from the chains of anxiety and depression.

â??â?? Grab your copy today and learn â??â??

    â?¦ What cognitive behavior therapy is and how you can use it

    â?¦ How cognitive behavior therapy can change your life

    â?¦ How to use CBT to treat depression, panic and anxiety

    â?¦ How to replace negative thinking patterns with positive ones

    â?¦ What to look for in a therapist

    â?¦ CBT-based self-help tools that you can use in your daily life

    â?¦ Over 500 affirmations that could help reduce the symptoms of mental disorders

    â?¦ And much more!

The first part of the book explains the basic CBT concepts. It’s helpful for both patients and clinicians. The second part of the book contains easy to follow self-help tips that you can incorporate in your daily life.

The simple strategies and techniques inside this book will help you change your life by changing your thoughts and behaviors. In addition, this book aims to correct your faulty beliefs and equips you with tools that you can use to manage your chronic stress, depression, and other mental disorders.

Living with a mental health issue is not easy. It slowly kills your soul, so you have to control it before it controls you. This book will definitely help you do that! So what are you waiting for? Scroll up and click the buy now button!

Shipping Container Homes: The complete guide to shipping container homes

by Peter Filip

Inspired by all the modern looking shipping container homes?

Would you like to know more about this and maybe try it out yourself?

Then this book will be a good starting point for you. I will tell you crucial mistakes to avoid and an outline on how you can build your own from purshaising the land to installing a roof.
What are You going to learn in this book?

An overview of different types of containers

Pros and cons of shipping container homes

Obtaining a used or new container and shipping it

Permits and building regulations

Crucial mistakes to avoid

Risks involved

Shipping Container Homes: The Complete Guide to Building Shipping Container Homes with Amazing Plans

by Samuel Burgess

This book will help you in building container homes with the perfect mindset and help you in achieve great results.
You can literally pay way less than any ordinary person and start living in your dream home. Since Container homes will always cost nothing more than a fraction of a normal traditional home.
If you wanna know more then don’t hesitate and get this guide to help in your quest of breaking free the traditional housing methods and try something innovative Eco-friendly and comfortable living

Baby Names: Beautiful Baby Names with spiritual meaning for Boys and Girls

by Suzanne Thomas

First off, congratulations for the soon arrival of your bouncing bundle of joy! This book is a great resource for you and other new parents in search of a distinctive baby name that carries a deep spiritual meaning.
For some parents, choosing a baby name is a piece of cake. For others however, like yourself, it is a complex process. After all, your children will carry this name for the rest of their lives. You are responsible for giving them a name they will be proud to bear. No pressure! I’ve got you covered.
For religious people, Christians for instance, the Bible is a great resource of stories about inspiring characters. The main Bible characters such as John, Joseph, Matthew, Mark, Anne, Mary, Martha, Eve and Magdalene among others are taken by numerous people. The challenge then is to find more distinctive names but equally admirable. I have a long list for you in this book.
Buddhist names represent calmness and peace. Even non-Buddhist parents gravitate towards these names because they speak of universal truths about life in general. In this book, I offer you the most unique baby names with the deep soul behind them.
Hinduism has among the most colorful traditions. Hindu names are a standout too. They are far from boring and you will find out the best suited for your precious little one.
Then there are names based on virtues. They have been in use since the 17th century. In this book, I offer you different variations of such virtues.
So whether you choose from the Bible, Buddhism, Hinduism or Virtues, you can count that you end up with a name like no other. What makes it more special is the inspiration behind them. Your children will surely appreciate the effort you put into choosing their name.

Freestyle 2018: Secret Recipes for Maximizing Weight Loss – Freestyle Cookbook 2018 (Rapid Weight Loss)

by Serina Rush

Freestyle Cookbook 2018: Secret Recipes for Faster Weight Loss

Are you feeling motivated to look sexy, but always fall back to your old eating habits?
Are you sick of feeling hungry all the time?
Are you giving it all you can, just to find out at the end of the week that you haven’t lost a single pound?

Then This Book is For You!

In this fantastic Freestyle cookbook, Timothy Turner and Serina Rush bring you delicious, easy and proven recipes that fit the WW program. To see how it works, get a copy of Freestyle Cookbook 2018: Delicious Recipes for Rapid Fat Loss!

If your lifestyle is so fast-paced that you believe you cannot possibly drag yourself into the kitchen every night of the week and prepare a healthy and nutritious meal; this unique point system is what you have been searching for to assist you in your dieting needs.

In this Cookbook You’ll Find:

â?? Freestyle Breakfast Recipes
â?? Freestyle Lunch Recipes
â?? Freestyle Dinner Recipes
â?? Freestyle Seafood Recipes
â?? Freestyle Pork Recipes
â?? Freestyle Dessert Recipes
â?? Freestyle Chicken Recipes
â?? Freestyle Snacks Recipes
â?? Freestyle Vegan Recipes
â?? Freestyle Salad Recipes
â?? Freestyle Soup Recipes
â?? Freestyle Low-Carb Recipes
â?? Freestyle Low-Fat Recipes
â?? BONUS: Full List of 0-Points foods!
You will soon enjoy the flexibility provided for you as you go out for your daily activities. Just know how to handle the â??free’ foods and don’t go overboard.  Don’t miss the most accurate, delicious and weight-loss friendly recipes –

Scroll up & Get a Copy of Freestyle Cookbook 2018!

Introducing Personal Finance: How College Graduates Can Take Control of Their Financial Life

by Mark Navarro

Are you living paycheck to paycheck and feel like it’s impossible to hold on to your money? Then keep reading

If you’ve got student loans, credit card debt, mortgages etc. and you feel stressed out by the end of the month when all those bills start piling up, then you know how overwhelming it can be and chances are you’re just like the author who used to ignore them and pretend that everything was fine…

Debt can be frustrating, crippling and even painful, but did you know that 81.5% of millennials are in debt? And that the total amount of consumer debt by the end of 2018 is forecasted to reach as high as $4 trillion!

So rest assured you are not alone!

In Introducing Personal Finance you will discover:

  • The mindset it takes to take get you out of debt – Page 12
  • How and why and you should make a budget and how to stick to it – Page 32
  • How to plan for tax season to get the most out of your money – Page 45
  • The best rule for saving money and how it can help you reach financial independence – Page 20
  • How you can use failures at your previous job to help you increase your salary – Page 58
  • Smarter ways to shop that can help you save up to 30% on online purchases! – Page 147
  • Strategies the rich use to protect their money if disaster strikes and how you can do the same – Page 65
  • How you can use this life-hack to travel for free! – Page 141
  • The principals of when and how to invest and what to avoid when investing – Page 105
  • When you should start saving for retirement and your best options for doing so – Page 94

And much, much more!

Taking control of your financial life can seem like a daunting task. Having financial freedom is something most of us could only dream of. But with the right mentality, the right strategies and an easy to understand step-by-step guide, financial independence doesn’t have to be impossible!

Whether you’re fresh out of college or you’ve already been in the “real world” for years and have accumulated debts and loans, money management is essential for your emotional well-being

Introducing Personal Finance will give you a solid foundation on how to manage your finances by guiding you through the jungle of money matters and giving you practical straightforward advices that you can refer back to when needed.

Even if you’re waist deep in debt, this book is packed with useful everyday tips and tricks that you can use to start saving today, and ultimately help you reach your goals and getting your financial life in order

So if you want to take control of your financial life then click “add to cart”!

Homesteading Gardening 11 in 1: 11 Books On Gardening Techniques, Growing Fruits, Vegetables, And Herbs, Killing Weeds, And Even Growing Bread

by Good Books

Homesteading Gardening 11 in 1: 11 Books On Gardening Techniques, Growing Fruits, Vegetables, And Herbs, Killing Weeds, And Even Growing Bread

Book #1: Square Foot Gardening: Best Method To Build A Garden In A Small Area

Book #2: Backyard Gardening Ideas: Tips On How To Create Fertile Garden On Just 1/10 Acre Backyard

Book #3: Tea Herb Gardening:Learn To Grow 22 Essential Tea Herbs For Healing And Regular Tea

Book #4: Gardening: Vertical Gardening: Best, Easiest And Neatest Way To Grow Vegetables, Flowers, Berries Or Herbs

Book #5: How to Kill Weeds without Chemicals: 12 Homemade Herbicides to Kill Weeds and Save Your Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers

Book #6: Perennial Vegetables: Top-30 Plants You Can Harvest Forever

Book #7: Pepper Growing: Learn How To Grow 5 Popular Types Of Hot Peppers

Book #8: Prepper’s Garden: Make Sure Your Garden Will Feed You Full When Life Kicks Hard

Book #9: Self-Watering Garden: 10 DIY Self-Watering Garden Systems To Keep Your Plants Fresh Despite The Weather

Book #10: How To Make Bread: Step-by-Step Guide From Growing Wheat To Baking A Bread Loaf

Book #11: Healing Herbs Garden: Learn To Grow 15 Essential Healing Herbs In Your Home Garden

Download your E book “Homesteading Gardening 11 in 1: 11 Books On Gardening Techniques, Growing Fruits, Vegetables, And Herbs, Killing Weeds, And Even Growing Bread” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

How to Gain Weight: The Hardgainerâ??s Scientific System to Force your Skinny Body to Grow into a Bigger, Stronger and more Muscular Version of Yourself

by Richard Blackstock

If you want to have more weight but not in a bullshit approach that only frustrates you, and keeps you skinny, even if you have a fast metabolism, then you want to read this book based on a scientific research.

There are a lot of advice on the internet and are really confuse

They don´t tell you how your body really works and even you don’t know how it does, you are tired of trying different things like diets, go to the gym 6 days a week and spent thousands of dollars in supplements and see that after all the hard work your body doesn’t change or if it change it is only a little bit, and you don’t have the results that you want.

Even you ask your personal trainer, and the only recommendation that you have is to eat more or try the new expensive supplement that you can´t buy.

We are hard gainers, and you can’t have the same training program as the big guys in the gym, that can´t help you

â?? There are certain exercises for hard gainers like us, and if you don’t know what are the exercises that you have to make, you are going to waste your time and your money in the gym and in supplements.

The reason why you are not changing your body is not because of your genetic, it is because you are not doing the right things, it is because you don’t have the right method that teaches you how your body really works and what methods you have to use to change your body. Because everyone has the ability to gain muscle. and that means you can gain weight too.

â?? If you follow the method that is explained in this book you are going to force your body to gain weight.â??

so what are you going to learn with

“how to gain weight”&#9759


  • Understand the type of body that you have
  • What diet you have to follow
  • What is the amount of calories that you have to eat
  • Know exactly when and what to eat
  • How to choose the right supplements for you
  • What are the exercises that you have to make
  • How to make for yourself a diet plan
  • How to make for yourself a exercises plan
  • How to become the fastest-growing guy in your gym
  • A natural way to gain weight
  • The equation that shows you the number of calories that you have to eat.
  • what are the hormones that make you gain weight
  • how to increase the number of hormones that make you gain weight
  • So now you have a really simple choice to do:


    1. Do nothing

    Don’t take action to stay in the same place that you are with the same body, stay skinny stay frustrated because you didn’t take action.

    Keep training in the gym, work hard but having the same resultsâ?¦ keep wasting money in the wrong supplements for youâ?¦ keep yourself in the same diet plan that doesn’t give you the result you want.

    2. figure it all out by yourself

    Waste tons of hours trying to learn all this information by yourself, and finding information that is confused and doesn’t give you a clear answer about what you have to do and how to do it.

    Don’t you want a system that is organized and easy to follow? or you want to search for all the information and waste month or even years trying to figure all out? and have just a mediocre result.

    3. or buy this book now take action

    Read the book put it into action and look at how your body grows

    you will see how your arms grow

    you will see how your shoulder grow

    you will see how your back become dense, thick


    BUY THIS BOOK now and learn what a lot of people ignore, surprise the people around you when they look at you and don’t know how you gained weight so fast without having super genetics, living in the gym, or using steroids.


    Crochet For Beginners: A Complete Step By Step Guide With Picture illustrations To Learn Crocheting The Quick & Easy Way

    by Nancy Gordon

    Do you wish you could learn how to crochet easily as a beginner? Or you are simply trying to pick up more crocheting patterns to try out?

    Crochet For Beginners is the right book for beginners right through to advanced level crochets. We have included an extensive book of crochet patterns for beginners to experts along with colour illustrations! We have also made it easy for anyone to pick up crocheting through this book with easy to follow illustrations & clear and precise instructions.

    Each step in the book has clear & precise instructions with picture illustrations so even if you are a complete beginner, you will be able to follow seamlessly. Also included are several beginner crochet projects right up to intermediate for you to test your skills effectively.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • Step by step guide to beginner crocheting with illustrations that makes learning easy for you
    • Learn crocheting the easy & quick way without all the frustrations
    • Beginner to intermediate crocheting tips & patterns to hone your skills
    • The No.1 tip to save you money even before you start crocheting!
    • The top tips in crocheting to avoid the most common mistakes beginners make
    • And much, much more!

    This book has been written to empower you to get started on crocheting or to improve your skills further! Learning or improving doesn’t need to be hard & dull, we have designed the book to be user friendly with illustrations & step by step.
    Simply download your copy above now to get started!

    Plant-Based Recipes: 80 Delicious and Easy to Cook Diet Recipes for Lunch

    by Katie Gordon

    Are you trying to eat a healthy plant-based diet but find yourself bored with your flavorless lunches? That changes now.

    Plant-Based Recipes: 80 Delicious and Easy to Cook Diet Recipes for Lunch will put the zing back into lunches. Inside, you will discover a multitude of tasty and healthy lunch recipes that will not leave you slaving over the stove for hours on the end.

    Here are a few of the delicious lunches you will soon be enjoying:

    Green Been Nicoise Salad

    Butternut Squash Wrap With Black Beans

    Avocado& Sprout Sandwich With Cashew Spread

    Lemon Garlic Pasta With Asparagus

    Moroccan Vegetable Couscous

    Fig and Caramelized Onion Pizza

    – And many more!

    With this book in your hand, you will be chucking those boring lunches by tomorrow!

    Law of Attraction: How To Effectively Use The LOA to Manifest Miracles in Your Life Right Away: (Money, Success, Abundance, Prosperity)

    by Aaron James

    Ready to Take Your Life To The Next Level? Discover How To Manifest What You Want

    The Law of Attraction is a natural law that attracts similar things together. It matches certain people, objects, and experiences to individuals who have the same energies as them. It happens automatically, but it can be used intentionally to bring what is desired into one’s life.
    This book explains what the Law of Attraction is and how it works. It explains the links between thoughts and feelings and the way they manifest reality. It provides doable strategies on guiding the mind so that it can create whatever you want, may it be a stunning success, a fit and healthy body, a wealthy lifestyle…anything you set your mind to.
    Towards the end, it will discuss frequently asked questions about LOA and provides comprehensive answers to them. These will make you understand how to use the Law properly and what to expect from it.
    Since this book is not that long, it contains only the essential information for correctly practicing the Law of Attraction.
    It focuses on three things: making more money, success, and health and fitness, but you can apply the techniques to any goal you want.

    Here’s what you’ll learn:
    CHAPTER 7. Q & A

    Click The Buy Button and See Your Life Changing!

    Keto Meal Prep: 30 Day Meal Plan for Beginners to Lose Weight Easily with More than 100 Recipes (Save Time & Money with Low Carb Ketogenic Recipes)

    by Jessica C. Harwell

    Do you know that you can feel more energy, lose fat and become healthier by eating a high-fat, low carbohydrate diet?

    This easy-to-use cookbook will walk you through step-by-step what you need to do to kick your glucose addiction today and start on a Ketogenic Diet.

    This book is a MUST for anyone looking to get health benefits of Ketosis, insulin stabilization and tons of energy! 

    Here’s what you’ll get from this book :

    1. What is Ketogenic Diet

    2. What is Ketosis

    3. How Ketosis Works

    4. Benefits of Being on Ketogenic Diet

    5. Meal Planning

    6. How and When to Prepare a Meal Plan

    7. 30 Day Meal Plan Included 120 Illustrated Recipes for Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner – Snack

    In order to achieve your weight loss success or any success for that matter, you must first create a good plan and get rid of the bad habits that are constantly fighting against your goals. 

    Keto Meal Prep is a book that provides you with a structured way on how you can get started with ketogenic diet even as a beginner. The book provides clear insight on how you can get to ketosis state and the ratio in which you should consume, carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

    Keto Meal Prep has also shared most of the benefits that come with being on ketogenic diet alongside a 30-day meal plan. Each day is packed with foods that you can take for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

    Ketogenic diet continues to soar in popularity as many people are realizing the health and mental benefits that come with being on the diet. Medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, fatigue, binge eating and heart disease amongst others can be effectively addressed by being on Ketogenic diet.

    Jessica C. Harwell created a wide range of recipes that will fit everybody’s budget and schedule – which is exactly what separates this cookbook from all others you can find out there. Never again will you have to worry about those extra pounds!

    Pick up a copy and get started with Ketogenic lifestyle for ultimate health and wellbeing!

    Lectin Free Cookbook: 30 Simple, Quick, and Easy Recipes to Help You Improve Your Health, Reduce Inflammation, Prevent Risk of a Disease, and Shield Your … Damage (Lectin free cookbook for beginners)

    by Layla Grant

    â?? Millions of people have lost weight and boosted their energy by switching to a lectin free diet â??

    â??â?? Buy paperback version and get Kindle version for FREE â??â?? 


    Say goodbye to uncomfortable inflammation and problematic autoimmune symptoms!

    With the diet revolution projected by Dr. Stephen Gundry’s bestseller “Plant Paradox,” the lectin-free diet has taken off and proven to be to go for many people for various reasons. It’s helped people change their bodies and live life without having to eat bland things.


    LECTIN-FREE COOKBOOK: 30 Simple, Quick, and Easy Recipes to Help YouImprove Your Health, Reduce Inflammation, Prevent Risk of a Disease, and Shield Your Gut from Lectin Damagecollects 30 of the most exciting recipes around to prove that eating Lectin-free doesn’t have to be taste bud death sentence!


    With these recipes in your arsenal, you’re going to no problem establishing and staying on the road to recovery with these lectin-free foods. Say goodbye to uncomfortable inflammation and problematic autoimmune symptoms. You’ll take charge of your life and restore the years of damage.


    In this book, you’ll find 30 recipes that very different and very delicious. Rather it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks and desserts, we’ve got you covered. The cooking and preparation time keep people like you in mindâ??people with busy lives. So rather you’re making dinner for your family or wanting to reach for a midnight snack, you’ll find something you’ll enjoy.


    It’s time to join many other people who have adopted the lectin-freediet and learn how to shield your gut from lectin damage. We’ll break down the lectin diet for you as well, so you’ll know all about this new diet that’s turning into more than the next fad. Get your copy NOW!


    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.