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Romance on the Range

by Monica Marks

A collection of historical western and Amish stories as a bonus…With her father away seeking gold in the Idaho Territory, Kate is forced to make a decision for her and her young brothers.

Meanwhile, Rex has left his family farm to head out west to seek out fortune. He crosses path with Kate, who claims she is the inheritor of the mine where he works but he doesn’t believe her story. She proves her worth over time, however, as she works tirelessly with him on the untamed land. But after a horrific accident occurs, they both must prove to each other that they are who they say there are and if romance ensues…so be it.

The Billionaire’s Secret Marriage: An Inspirational Billionaire Romance (The Limitless Clean Romance Series Book 1)

by Tamie Dearen

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Stephanie Caldwell made the classic mistakeâ?¦ she fell in love with her boss.

The fact that Bran is blind makes no difference to Stephâ??she thinks he’s the most handsome man she’s ever laid eyes on. If only she didn’t have to see him every day, she could force herself to give up her pipe dreams. But she can’t quit–she needs this job to pay for her daughter’s medical treatment. To make things worse, he just got engaged!

Billionaire Branson Knight is pragmatic about his love life. He knows women don’t see him as a man, but as a blind person, worthy of pity. His only value lies in his wealth. So his engagement is merely a means to an end. But the last thing he wants to end is his relationship with Stephanie–he’s become dangerously dependent on his efficient personal assistant.

When Bran’s friends drag him off to Las Vegas, he convinces Steph to go along, to prevent him from panicking in the noisy, crowded environment. His fiancée, however, sees the trip as the perfect opportunity to coerce Bran into a quickie wedding. Steph and his friends are determined to prevent the disastrous union. But everyone has a secretâ?¦

—“This clean billionaire romance will tug on your heart strings.”—
—” I liked that Branson and his friends weren’t the average hot billionaires, but each had their own challenge that made them who they were.”—

Note from the author: As indicated by the subtitle and series names, The Billionaire’s Secret Marriage is an inspirational romance, the first of the Limitless Clean Romance Series, which centers on heroes with disabilities. It is not a Christian romance. If you prefer Christian romance books, you might enjoy the Holiday, Inc. Christian Romance Series.

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Relaunch Your Life : Break The Cycle Of Self-Defeat, Become Tenacious, Resilient And Transform Your Mental Toughness To Live On Your Own Terms

by Simon Fuller

Struggling to understand why things went wrong when you did everything right? Would you like to have better solutions to your problems?

Would you like to grow your willpower, stop procrastination, focus like a laser, and achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Or maybe you want to break out of the 9-to-5 rat race and start living life on your terms?

Relaunch Your Life is a guidebook into becoming someone who stops at nothing to achieve their goals. This is a guide to understanding your brain and instincts better for optimal results. – You’ll discover deep habits, skills, thought patterns and also how to put them into immediate action and discover the key to getting anything you desire in your life.

Simon Fuller has studied psychology and peak human performance for over a 15 years. He has worked with hundreds of individuals to unlock their potential and path towards success. His writing draws on his academic, coaching, and research experience.

This book is the rocket boost to get you to invincibility

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll get:

  • How to accumulate as much wealth as you desire – ON DEMAND.
  • Ensure that if anyone gets a â??lucky break’, it will be you.
  • Lose weight, build muscle and create the physique of your dreams in a matter of weeks – without fail.
  • How to conquer any bad habit instantly, including smoking, drinking, nail-biting and any others that you want rid of.
  • The brain revision method that taps on both sides of your brain and increases your brain’s thinking power!â?¨â?¨
  • Live stress-free and enjoy complete peace of mind regardless of the circumstances that life throws at you.
  • Get other people to want to help you in any way they can, and without you having to exert pressure in any form.
  • Experience immense physical and mental energy
  • Build a better relationship with yourself
  • Break bad habits and enjoy life!
  • Learn any skill in far less time than it takes the average person.
  • Wake up every morning full of energy and look forward to the day ahead

    And so much more

    You’ll know exactly what actions to take to get you to your goals. Moreover, once you developed these skills, they are life skills which will work and every area of your life.
    You have my personal guarantee that you’ll start seeing a difference or I will happily refund your money.

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