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Rectify: A Novella (The Rectify Series Book 1)

by Jacqueline Druga

The virus CO-D4 rages across the globe with debilitating effects. Authorities, scientists and medical personnel scramble to find a cure. Those who fall victim to the virus, experience a fast and insufferable death and then they come back.

Chaos erupts and the world moves to the brink of extinction until the realization that a cure is not the answer, containing the crises is. The virus is not just a pandemic, it’s a war. The battle is on, front lines are drawn and mankind holds the upper hand. Controlling the victims before they rise is the only way to stop it.

But Doctor June Mannis doesn’t believe that. She sees something else in the victims â?¦ hope. She is a lone soldier in a private war that will prove to be either insanity or humanity’s turning point.

Genesis: War Mage: Book One (War Mage Chronicles 1)

by Charles R Case

A cutting-edge starship and a pint-sized black cat; these are the weapons of a War Mage.

Twins, Sara and Cora Sonders, are newly minted Captains in the United Human Confederation’s Fleet. But their first assignment might turn out to be their last.

Thirty years ago, the Elif came from the stars. Their ships filling our skies. Unlike all the movies had taught us, they really did come in peace. They brought technology we had only dreamed possible, but more importantly, they brought us magic to make it all work.

Now they need something in return.

The UHS Raven, humanity’s most advanced ship, will be Sara and Cora’s first command. But the experimental systems on the Raven may be too much for the twins to handle. It’s clear there is a lot more happening than the Elif are letting on, and now it’s up to Sara and Cora to find the answers before humanity is wiped out completely.

You will love the fast-paced action and thrilling battles in this Science Fantasy adventure. Get your copy today, and learn of Humanity’s true Genesis.

The Last Call: Apocalypse Visionary Science Fiction

by Onīdas J Beaudin


   Experience this Fantasy Adventure, set in an Apocalyptic future as all humankind transforms.  Incredible beings from different worlds clash, in this intense and powerful story of inner strength and courage.  Meet characters that reach out to your heart that you will never forget.  See the clear images of the future beyond what has been imagined!

     Experience for yourself other worlds far from here and the beings and creatures who live on them. Some are characters that you will know and love throughout the book. Others you will revere in wonder at their existence.  Yet others, you will fear and despise with the characters you’ve grown with. All of which find their way to the Earth we live on, but with none of the amenities or structure we have grown accustomed to.

     The changes on Earth have already begun, and that is what brings the many “others” to converge on our planet. The transformation of the humans has been foretold throughout time as prophecy, and its only NOW that those who dwell in the universe begin to believe it.

Time is up, this is The Last Call!

Dethroned: Act I

by Jim Kozak

It’s been forty years since the declared defeat of the Last Great Plague, and in 2157, life on Earth has gone back to normal. Unfortunately.

While billions fell to this silent killer, the Earth Global Initiative was formed to help protect and insulate the remaining population. Their goal took them in a myriad of different directions, attempting to combat, contain, and cleanse the devastation wrought by the disease. Ultimately, their solution was to corral the remaining uninfected behind the high walls of their â??New’ cities until a cure could be developed. And though humanity survived, what came after has sucked the spirit from our species.

Now, the government has stopped caring about the people, and the people have been beaten into apathy by the new status quo. Skilled work is gated behind education, and education carries such a high price that military service is the only avenue to climb that ladder. With no conflict to overcome and no enemy to fight, idleness has taken root, and incompetence is rampant. Counter-intelligence officer Seth Renquist knows this all too well.

Seth owes his survival to the EGI military. They took him in off the streets, gave him a purpose, and though he has seen facets of the worst humanity has to offer, his life overall has been good. But maybe there are things out there that even he cannot ignore. Just what would it take to turn his indifference into rage?

The opposition groups might have a point. Maybe the EGI has served its purpose and run its course. The people should start standing up for themselves and do something. Or maybeâ?¦ The time has come for the EGI to be DETHRONED.

Pangea Online Book One: Death and Axes

by S.L. Rowland

Everything has a price. Pangea Online is no different.

Esil has spent the past year toiling in the mines of Pangea while the more wealthy traverse its myriad of gameworlds. His luck changes forever when he stumbles upon a legendary Developer’s Chest, containing an invaluable Worldpass, which grants him unlimited travel to all gameworlds.

Now, Esil isn’t just stuck watching as others explore Pangea. He can finally level up.

But his in-game actions have real world consequences and failure online threatens everything he holds dear.

S1-R3N: A Sci-fi/Horror Short Story

by Ben Wolf

A killer cyborg on the loose. A daughter’s life on the line. And one man’s secret will decide all of their fatesâ?¦

Designed for urban combat, the S1-R3N prototype is the ideal cybernetic soldier. But when it malfunctions during its public debut, it kills its handlers and the buyers in attendance for its unveiling.

Now Dr. Grant Andrews, the scientist responsible for creating the S1-R3N, is the only one who can stop it.

But the S1-R3N is determined to get to Grant first, by any means necessaryâ??including going after Grant’s teenage daughter, Alexis.

Will Grant be able to protect his daughter from the cyborg’s murderous intentions? Or will the S1-R3N send him to meet his maker?

S1-R3N is a thrilling sci-fi short story with a touch of horror, told primarily through a series of text message conversations. If you like Terminator, Robocop, and other cyborg stories, you’ll love S1-R3N.

Buy your copy today or get it for free at

Them Bones

by Howard Waldrop

â??Unique, addictive. There’s never been anyone like Waldrop, in or out of science fiction’ – GEORGE R.R. MARTIN

Madison Yazoo Leake, of the bombed-out, radiation-ridden twenty-first century, wanted to stop World War Three before it began.

When he stepped through the time portal, he thought he was entering 1930s Louisiana. Instead, he found a world where Arabs explored America, Christianity and the Roman Empire had never existed, and Aztecs performed human sacrifices near the Mississippi as woolly mammoths roamed nearby.

One hundred and forty people, plus equipment, were due to follow him. They didn’t appear. And Leake began to wonder if he could ever go back . . .

Them Bones (1984) is the first solo novel by science fiction writer Howard Waldrop. It was nominated for the Philip K. Dick Award in 1984, but lost out to William Gibson’s Neuromancer; both novels were part of the third Ace Science Fiction Specials series edited by Terry Carr.

Praise for Howard Waldrop

â??A tense, fast-paced time-travel yarn, packed with gritty detail’ – Gregory Benford

“It’s not what the reader expectsâ?¦ You can’t get that from a Howard Waldrop story. The wise Waldrop reader leaves his or her expectations in those little lockers that management has provided near the beginning of the story. You can reclaim them afterward, if you still want them. Most people don’t bother” – Eileen Gunn

â??It’s original and quirky and weird, and I love it to bits and always haveâ?¦ What makes this book so masterful is Waldrop’s knowledge of history and masterful interweaving of stories to make them more than the sum of their parts.’ Jo Walton

Howard Waldrop, born in Mississippi and now living in Austin, Texas, is an American iconoclast. His stories combine elements such as alternate history, American popular culture, the American South, old movies, classical mythology and rock â??n’ roll music. He won the Nebula and World Fantasy Awards for his novelette The Ugly Chickens.

H7N9 Penitence

by Mark Campbell

In a small poultry farm located in Delaney, Georgia an antigenic shift causes the H7N9 virus – also known as the deadly bird flu virus – to jump species. The contagion burns through everything in its path despite the federal government’s ham-handed efforts to mask the mutated virus’ true nature. Its unprecedented mortality rates soon paralyze the nation – paving the way for martial law to be established across the country.

Over a thousand miles away at a maximum security penitentiary south of Tucson, Arizona, Inmate Teddy Sanders’ world of structure and routine crumbles to dust, as the virus starts spreading within the confines of the prison’s walls.

As circumstances force Teddy to step out of his comfort zone and form precarious new alliances, will he be able to adapt and survive or will he succumb to the inherent dangers of the new world?

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