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PORTUGUESE FOR BUSINESS: FAST TRACK LEARNING FOR ENGLISH SPEAKERS: The 100 most used English business words with 600 phrase examples. (Portuguese Edition)

by Sarah Retter

Focus your Portuguese learning on the most frequently used business English words. Learn how to use in Portuguese the 100 business English words you need for your work.

Actually, to communicate in your office you only need to master the most used 100 business English words. These words are the most frequently used and can be defined using an algorithm that provides the ranking. In this book you´ll find the list.

This book will provide you with the 100 business English words you have to use first when working or interacting with Portuguese speaking people.

The phrases are presented in a very simple fashion. No complications. Straight and simple.

So, don’t waste your time and energy! Focus your effort on the most important business English words you have to understand and use to master your Portuguese for business!

Download your copy and start focusing your energy today!

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500 Random Facts: about North Korea (Trivia and Facts about the Countries Book 9)

by Lena Shaw

Did you know the North Korean side of the demilitarized zone uses Samsung air conditioners manufactured in South Korea? Do you realize that according to North Korean propaganda, Kim Jong-un can control the weather? Aren’t you stunned that the American citizen Jeffrey Fowle forgot a bible in a restaurant’s bathroom in North Korea and he was sent to prison for five months?

500 Random Facts about North Korea is the ninth book in the series Trivia and Facts about the Countries. These great books series don’t have to be read in order!

This book is a gold-mine of random facts about chin-dropping North Korea. All content is exciting, unique, and family-friendly. Some of these facts are completely crazy, while the others are simply fun and entertaining. Facts describe both geography, history and traditions of the country, but also the aspects of modern life. Those aspects include economics, politics, law, militarism, culture, art, and many other things you probably don’t know about North Korea.

The examples of amazing and crazy facts about North Korea are:

Those that want to escape the country need to pay around 8,000 USD, which is an incredibly high price for most North Koreans considering their earnings. It’s all secretly arranged through brokers, who are outside of North Korea.

Less than 50 countries have North Korean embassies. Also, there’s a rule that bans North Korean embassies in every country to have Wi-Fi.

The net worth of Bill Gates is 4.5 times as big as the estimated GDP of North Korea.

Most of the North Koreans think that Americans have big noses as can be seen on a poster in the Pyongyang War Museum. Other stereotypes include enormous eyes as well as hairy chests.

Because of the nearly non-existent public transport as well as the driving restrictions, North Korean children often use the streets as playgrounds.

North Korea has made the headlines recently thanks to its unique way of living, so to speak. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind country that’s poised to stun you and shock you from its culture and traditions to its leaders, as well as the current events surrounding the country.

Here we lay out everything – the good and the bad – so step into the mysterious Asian country with these 500 North Korea facts.

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Costa Brava: Begur (100 images) (French Edition)


Une visite (photographique) agréable à Begur, une ville avec une longue histoire et une situation privilégiée au sein de l’incroyable Costa Brava Catalana.
Album de 100 photos.
[Catalogne, Espagne, Europe]

China Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know about the Culture, Lifestyle & Most Interesting Cities to Visit

by Dan Marson

After living in China for over 10 years of my life, teaching, learning Kung Fu, and sharing experiences with the locals, I have collected a huge amount of information about the people and the culture, as well as the wonderful and unique cities of this very special country. This book describes the most important information you need to know about China, with a special emphasis on the culture and the language. It will help you a lot, either you’re a traveler, a student, a business owner, or a future worker in this country, just as it has been useful to me and many other foreigners I have encountered during the many years I lived in China.

What to Visit in Cascais, Oeiras and Sintra (What to Visit in Portugal Book 2)

by Miguel Carvalho Abrantes

Written by someone who was born and raised in Portugal and who loves showing around its cities, this book gives you tips on what to visit around the Portuguese areas of Cascais, Oeiras and Sintra. It contains not only a reference to the monuments you may hear about in many other guidebooks, but also personal insights and references to lesser known ones. It was written for tourists, but also for people who moved here and want to find whole new places to explore.

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