Free biographies and memoirs Kindle books for 04 Aug 18

Strip and Kill

by Amy Pearson

A True Crime collection with strippers and porn stars who resorted to murder… Kelly O’Donnell had a rough life.
When she was six years old, her father walked out on her and her mother. Only months later, her mother would die in a house fire which left Kelly with burns.
Adult life would prove to be no better.
She would marry and have children. But her husband would die in a car accident shortly after the third child was born.
Destitute and seemingly destined for poverty, Kelly turned to the stripper pole.
She became a popular dancer in a Philadelphia strip club and received the loudest applause every time she hit the stage.
“She was sex on fire,” a former patron said. “I couldn’t get enough of watching her. Her moves. Actually, it was the way she moved. So confident. So sure of herself.”
But the uninhibited persona masked a hurting soul…With enough pain to commit one of the most brutal crimes in Philadelphia history.

Manson’s Girls

by James Clark Duncan

A look back at the many women who become followers of Charles Manson during his Helter Skelter siege in California in the 60s & 70s. All were hippie girls who became loyal to the maniac who told them to kill for him…Among those featured here are the stripper Susan Atkins, a sweet-voiced stripper whose looks belied a devil within. Leslie Van Houten who was an educated young woman that became a murderous animal under Manson’s control. Patricia Krenwinkel and Squeaky Fromme, who were mentally unbalanced women that became puppets under the psychotic Manson. Lastly, there was Ruth Moorehouse, long considered the most physically attractive of the Manson Girls.

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