Free horror Kindle books for 04 Aug 18

One Night in Eerie Cove (Quinn Masterson Mysteries Book 2)

by Malcolm James

In a frozen Arctic wasteland, an ancient legend lies dormant under three thousand years of snow and ice, while half a world away a Christmas Eve Nor’easter pummels Eerie Cove, Massachusetts.

Doctor Joshua â??Doc’ Lavine may be the best neurosurgeon in Boston, but he faces a career-ending lawsuit and the Boston District Attorney is poised to file criminal charges. No one feels sorry for Doc because his surgical skills are rivaled by his misanthropy, and while the news of his Aunt Sadie’s death should be a welcome diversion from his legal woes, it reopens deep wounds: memories of ancient rituals and the court documents that were sealed when Doc was thirteen. A fresh body has been found inside the house Aunt Sadie bequeathed to Doc, and when Special Agent Quinn Masterson of the FBI tracks fourteen gruesome murders to the exhausted little town of Eerie Cove, Doc knows his time is running out. Terrified of returning to that house, Doc knows he’s out of choices and when five troubled souls are trapped in the house on Christmas Eve, the unsettling truth will be revealed: a clandestine organization linked to Nazi Germany; an ancient legend frozen in time; pagan graveyard rituals performed in the still of night; and the truth about Doc’s troubled upbringing.

Return to Dungeon: A Monster MC LitRPG (Kobold’s Quest Book 1)

by MJ Kaltenbrunner

This downtrodden kobold finds himself with one hell of a quest …

Kek has spent his life being treated like a dog, but he’s only dog-like in appearance. You see, he’s a kobold who originally came from a dungeon. And he’s spent most of his life enslaved to a gang of exiled mercenaries hiding out in a deadly jungle. When Kek gains the power to see the hidden mechanics of reality and learns to “game” them to expand his skills and find hidden meanings, he is soon entrusted with a noble quest. He must return to the dungeon where he came from and rescue his people from servitude to the dungeon lord!

Faced with untold dangers, Kek is going to need alliesâ??such as a sweet muck fairy with a killer streak, a deadly-beautiful siren who fights best au natural, and a sensual cat woman with lightning quick moves. They are sure going to keep this lone kobold on his toes.
Throughout this quest, Kek will learn the hard way that one of the greatest opponents a hero confronts is his own self-doubt.

This is a LitRPG with a twist. There is no VR. The fantasy world is real. The game mechanics are part of a unique magical power that only the lucky few obtain. If you’re not into this sort of thing, maybe it’s time you give it a go. There’s also a fun and adventure-packed story that will keep any fantasy reader engrossed right up until the end.

Book two in the series is planned for launch early 2018!

The Ring: Illicit Gains Book 2

by Crissy Moss

A thief by trade, Tony’s spent his life walking a fine line between the law, and the local gang leader, Marco. Not that he had much to show for it. He’s been living in a run down apartment in the worst part of town, and in debt to Marco up to his eyebrows for too long.

But when Tony finds a ring with unusual properties he’s suddenly on easy street. No one can touch him. Not even Marco when he comes to collect on his tab.

Or so Tony thinks.


Twisted Stories

Inspired by Stephen King, Twilight Zone, Warehouse 13, and Tales from the Crypt.
The Illicit Gains Saga is about cursed artifacts that seem to help their owner…at first. But even the most innocent of items has a darkness to it.


by Lee Moan

All David Scarsdale wanted was to leave his wife. But she had other ideas . . .

This ebook contains two stories about marriages affected by supernatural forces. In the title story, FOREVER, David Scarsdale finds himself trapped in an endless void with his wife. Who is controlling it? And will he ever escape?
In TWELVE MINUTES Jude must make a painful decision about the fate of his marriage – a marriage in which his wife is conscious for only twelve minutes each day . . .

If you are a fan of The Twilight Zone these stories could be for you.

The ebook also contains an extended preview of Lee Moan’s forthcoming novel, Lazarus Island, a supernatural thriller.

*This ebook: 11225 words approx.

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