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Pineapple Beach House: A Pineapple Port Mystery: Book Five (Pineapple Port Mysteries 5)

by Amy Vansant

When the Pineapple Port crew pack up a snake-bus and head to North Carolina for a vaction, the Outer Banks will never be the same…

Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY Best-Selling author Amy Vansant packs up the Pineapple Port crew and sends them north in book FIVE of the hilarious mystery series you won’t believe!

The Pineapple Port crew takes a road trip to the Outer Banks, North Carolina, only to discover “body bits” in their vacation home. The nursing home next door is run by some suspicious characters and one of their residents is missing. 


As the bits o’ somebody pile up (and Mariska keeps the neat and safe in a butter dish), amateur sleuth Charlotte Morgan and her friends must solve the murder before a storm blows them all back to Florida!

The Pineapple Port Mystery Series is both sweet and wicked, and always hilarious! Fans of funny mysteries that remain real puzzles to the end will put the Pineapple Port series on their virutal shelves next to Janet Evanovich, Carl Hiaasen and Jana DeLeon.

Weight Watchers Freestyle 2018 Cookbook : Best WW SmartPoints Recipes, Lose Weight Rapidly While Enjoy Delicious WW Freestyle Recipes


Wеight WаtсhеrÑ? is a diеt wherein it focuses on weight loss programs and it was first known in the Unitеd States. Founded in 1960’Ñ? аnd became popular in many соuntriеÑ? аrоund thе wоrld, for this reason, it is соnÑ?idеrеd as the well-knоwn weight lоÑ?Ñ? Ñ?rоgrаm in thе world. This Ñ?rоgrаm have bоth Ñ?еrviсеÑ? fоr lоÑ?ing weight аnd wеight lоÑ?Ñ? products. There is also a Weight WаtсhеrÑ? аrÑ?еnаl wherein system of SmartPoints are tracked. ThiÑ? system has bееn highlÑ? successful аnd easy tо fоllоw, so implementation won’t be hard to anyone. You don’t have an excuse not to follow this!

Facebook Advertising 2018: The #1 Facebook Advertising Guide to Learn The Best Strategies to X10 Your Business

by John Moore

Facebook is the largest social media platform and has more than two billion active users around the world.

This catchment area creates huge opportunities to expand your Business by consistently finding new customers.

Knowing how to use Facebook Advertising proves extremely useful and profitable for those who want to increase their Business. If you notice,more and more companies use this platform to promote their products and services,understanding
its amazing potential.

This guide was written to help each reader reach the desired audience in the most effective way and walks you through
a step-by-step process with simple tips and intuitive illustrations.This ebook will give you exactly what you need,saving you hundreds of hours of internet research.

Learning Facebook Advertising will make you achieve real incredible results and boost your Business instantly!



1. How To Reach More Than Two Billion Customers Instantly

2. Different Types of Advertising and How to Use Them

3. Setting Up Goals with Facebook Advertising

4. Lead Generation

5. Conversion and Optimization

6. Facebook Pixels

7. Common Mistakes People Make

8. Tricks to Improve Your ROI

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