Free parenting and families Kindle books for 04 Aug 18

Creating Sweet Dreams

by Rachelle Gershkovich

Creating Sweet Dreams is an easy-to-read guidebook on the rapid development of nutrition and sleep in the first year of a baby’s life. Filled with practical advice and helpful case studies, this book is a reference tool sleepy parents can turn to again and again for answers to questions regarding sleeping, feeding, and soothing.

Rachelle Gershkovich draws from her years of experience as a dietician, Certified Sleep Specialist, and mother of four, along with relevant research and helpful advice from eminent sleep experts and pediatricians such as Dr. Kevin Nugent, William Sears, and James McKenna. Her approach is unique and effective, taking into account the specific developmental and nutritional needs of each individual infant.

Gershkovich’s approach to sleep training is gentle, with no “crying it out” techniques involved. By supporting their young infants developmental readiness a parent will learn how to recognize their infants’ cues, work with their unique metabolism and sleep cycles, and teach their babies by association how to sleep through the night.

Parents and babies alike will benefit from this supportive, healthy, hands-on approach to infant sleeping and feeding.

Beloved son, I am going to be your Father

by Reynaldo Pareja

There are many good “diaries” written by pregnant women for pregnant women, but a dairy written by an “expecting father” is not common. Most men hide their feelings under the archetype of “a strong, tough guy”. They forbid themselves from expressing them, even when the arrival of his first son brings forth a wave of new and profound emotions.
This small book has that merit. The author has allowed himself to write freely, without shame the feelings that invaded his heart and mind while his wife shared with him the impressions, emotions and experiences of the coming of their first son, a few years back. He did this by writing letters to his unborn son telling him how he, as a father-to-be, was experiencing his wife’s pregnancy. In the process it became his experience of an “expecting father”.
There are many men, too many, who have not had the chance to confess to themselves nor to others what they have felt while their wives were pregnant. Probably because they did not have a chance to reï¬?ect consciously about such new emotions, nor did they have a frame of reference of another man experiencing those feelings and expressing them. This is the reason why this book may be helpful. It offers to those “expecting father” a rich frame of reference, which they can use to clarify their feelings. They will find out how common these emotions can be when they read in this diary how another man had similar responses.

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