Free religious fiction Kindle books for 04 Aug 18

Mount Joy

by Marisa Meyer

A collection of sweet Amish stories to stir the soul…Rose Beiler had a simple life, and although she often wondered if there was more purpose to it, she was happy. She as engaged to be married, her father was pleased with her and soon she would be an aunt too once her cousin Claire has her babies. But when things turn for the worst, and they call an Englisch doctor to come and assist with the birth, Rose’s entire life is turned upside down. Conflicted by her growing feelings or the English doctor she couldn’t possibly marry Kemp, unless by some miracle God answers her prayers and makes a way.
Grant Williams was only helping out, and the last thing he expected was being called out to an Amish community to assist with a birth. What had been even more unexpected was the beautiful Rose Beiler who captivated him from the first moment he saw her. Having lost his wife to a terminal illness, he never thought he would feel this strongly about any woman again. But the only problem was that Rose was engagedâ?¦

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