Free history Kindle books for 05 Aug 18

Killing Korea: The Fight for Control of Korea

by Victor Maere

How two opposing sides killed Korea in an effort to save it.

You surely have heard something about the Korean War. Or the Forgotten War as some call it.

But do you really know all that happened?

Have you heard the personal stories from the people who actually saw or did the fighting?

If you haven’t, you are in for a treat.

While the war was among the shortest in history, it left an invisible mark – a divided Korea. And there’s a lot that led to that. It wasn’t just about the UN and South Korea fighting against North Korea, China, and the Soviet Union.

You will:
* Learn what UN soldiers did with Chinese corpses when it got cold.
* Understand Japan’s role in facilitating the war.
* Know the real reason China got into the war despite being very scared of America.
* Know why America got stung by underequipped and underskilled Chinese fighters
* Learn why Truman was saved from impeachment for firing MacAurthor.
* Know why America backed an undemocratic South Korean president

There is a lot more you will learn in this book.

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The Ring of Services

by Amar Maini

The Ring of Services explores the Indianisation of the British Raj which took place between World War One and Independence in 1947. The work travels inside the Indian state through the stories of young middle class Indians who came forward to staff the elite services of the Raj at a time when the Indian National Congress was withholding the co-operation which had sustained British rule for centuries. Despite the seeming conflict between the nationalists in the Congress and the Indian officers of the Raj, when Independence came both groups buried their differences and worked together to maintain the strong state in New Delhi. It was India’s first Home Minister, Vallabhbhai Patel who took to the floor of the Constituent Assembly in October 1949 to defend the Indian officers of the Indian Civil Service, Indian Army and Indian Police. The services had come under attack, yet he used the opportunity to outline his vision of a ‘ring of Service’, one which would ensure the unity of India in the decades ahead.

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