Free poetry Kindle books for 05 Aug 18

In Love with Broken

by Fahid Hameed

In love with broken is a

collection of poetry about

and remeberance.

Its split into 3 chapters,
each chapter serving a different purpose.

Reflections : A Journey Through Contemplative Moods

by Jaideep Dayal

The poems of this book stand apart from the rest, in the sense that they do not indulge in the description of, say, a lover losing his/her beloved, or a drunkard’s dejection of the world, and so on. My poem “Childhood” invites you to consider enjoying something exciting and loveable that money cannot buy and its “fleeting experience.” “Turbulence” on the other hand, forces you to reconsider your internal weaknesses. What you expect from the common is uniquely uncommon here. There are some cherished thoughts that may take you to your heart, quite literally, and make you enjoy them too. Some of the poems are easy going, while others make you think twice. Therefore, enjoy reading with a happy mind.

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