Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 05 Aug 18

Under One Sky (Time Travel Guardian Romance Series, Book 1): A Sweet Time Travel Romance

by Zoe Matthews

What if a touch of painting could transport you years back in time? What if a handsome man follows you to help you return to your own time?


Destiny has always had a passion for art and loves her job at an art gallery in Denver. She had once wanted to be an artist herself, but discovered she found more joy in helping other people find the truly talented artists’ creations. Her life is simple but satisfying.


Graham is a member of an elite secret agency called Time Travel Guardians. His job is to travel to different time periods and collects time travel devices to bring them to his own time, and store them in a safe government facility. The next device he was assigned to collect is a Clara Moore painting that has been found in an art gallery in Denver.

After literally running into each other, Destiny and Graham begin a great adventure together- to 1879. Once they make it back to 2017, Destiny can’t explain the desperate need to stay with Graham when he returns to his own time. Graham is concerned about the new information Destiny will learn about what will be her future. If she learns too much, it could change history.

Come travel through time with Destiny and Graham in this brand new series of time travel, mystery, and intrigue, along with a good old-fashioned love story.

The Christian SHIFT: The Underground Playbook (The Advanced Spiritual Lessons SERIES 1)

by Todd Denen

We NOW know when the SECOND COMING of Christ is going to happen. Whether you realize it or not, we are ALL in the PROCESS of making our Christian SHIFT and graduating to the Bible’s 4th Spiritual Grade Level. The problem is, the current Religions don’t teach you about the Bible’s 7 Spiritual Grade Levels, especially Christianity.

In my book, the Saints REVEAL the SECOND COMING, the Bible’s 7 Spiritual Grade Levels of Salvation, the Advanced Bible Lessons from the 4th Spiritual Grade Level (today’s Christianity is the 3rd Level), and the exact FORMULA that God uses to determine WHEN you will be Saved.

SPOILER ALERT: Belief, Faith, and Death do NOT bring about the higher states of Spiritual development required to get into Heaven (Revelation 3:21, 4:1). But those are the INCOMPLETE Spiritual Lessons we ALL learn and “temporarily believe” at the Bible’s LOWER Spiritual Grade Levels that we find ourselves at todayâ?¦.

The good news is, the Saints say man is now graduating from these UNSCIENTIFIC “Belief and Faith” stages of Spiritual development and progressing to the “SCIENTIFIC and PROOF” Levels of God Awareness, i.e. Cause = Effect.

In God’s Spiritual Classroom, He uses the 7 Spiritual Grade Levels to teach ALL of His children how to become Perfect beings, just like Jesus (Genesis 1:27, Matthew 5:48, Isaiah 45:6-7). For example, the Atheist is in the 1st Spiritual Grade Level, the Bible DEFINES today’s Christianity as the 3rd Spiritual Grade Level, while Jesus and the Saints graduated from the 7th and FINAL Spiritual Grade Level (Revelation 4:1).

Here’s some food for thought, 22% or 52.8 million Christians living in the U.S. right NOW “believe” in Reincarnation. How did this happen? What you “believe” and Spiritually COMPREHEND to be true DEFINES your current Spiritual Grade LEVEL. In Chapter 14, you will learn about the past lives of Jesus and John the Baptist.

With the different Spiritual Grade Levels, ONLY some of you will be RECEPTIVE to these Advanced Spiritual Theories because you are NOW ready to graduate to the 4th Spiritual Grade Level.

As a son of God, He is NOW PUSHING you TOWARDS the Bible’s HIGHER Spiritual Grade Levels and your eventual Perfection. Because the Soul is an INDIVIDUALIZED part of God (Genesis 1:27), that means there are over 7 billion little mini-me’s of God that are ALL FAILING forward towards their eventual Perfection (Revelation 3:21, Matthew 5:48).

The PROOF is in the pudding! Look at the TREMENDOUS Advancements in Science, Medicine, and Technology which has taken place since 1700 A.D. These Material Advancements are ALL the BY-PRODUCT of man’s SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION over that period of TIME. Think about it. In the last 10,000+ years, man has made NO significant Material Advancements. Then, in the last 300 years, we go from riding bicycles to riding rockets to the moon, i.e. Spiritual Development = Material Development (Matthew 6:33).

Welcome to the NEW Higher Spiritual Age, the Advanced Bible Lessons (The Rules), and the BRAND NEW Spiritual Curriculum from the Bible’s 4th Spiritual Grade Levelâ?¦.

If any of this has peaked your Spiritual Curiosity, I really hope you will take a leap of faith and learn more about your Spiritual Evolution and the SCIENTIFIC PROCESS which God has created for you to eventually realize your Perfection. No longer are we stuck at the UNSCIENTIFIC “belief and faith” stages of Spiritual development but the Saints are teaching us the same PROCESS which has worked for them for THOUSANDS of yearsâ?¦

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