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Ich bin verliebt: Kleine Geschichten über gro�e Gefühle (German Edition)

by Mark Hollberg

Kleine Geschichten über gro�e Gefühle für weibliche Leser, die an die gro�e Liebe glauben. Vorwiegend heiter erzählt der Autor kurze Liebesgeschichten, die das Herz berühren. Die Liebe. Ist sie erst mal da, ist alles gut. Aber der Weg dahin kann steinig, aufregend, heiter, traurig, dramatisch, komisch, spannend und pikant sein. Manchmal sogar nahrhaft.

Piano: Piano Book For Beginners – Learn Easy Piano Lessons, Follow Simple Instructions and Quickly Learn How To Play Piano: Piano Practice, Piano Technique, … Music (Piano and Music Books by Sam Siv 2)

by Sam Siv

â??â??â?? Discover proven steps on how to effectively learn how to play the piano.â??â??â??

While it is true that the act of piano playing can be challenging, it should be known that it is also nourishing. Classical music is generally not what you would like to be listening to on the radio, but if you have heard musical works of art from the greats; Beethoven, Bach and Mozart, then you can understand the admiration their pieces bring. These few artists, among many more, have created models of beautiful music and this is what inspires many to generate half of the talent they have. Playing the piano can be simply a hobby to share your talent with only friends or family. And some even learn to play well enough in order to play in a band or group of other musical artists.


â??Getting to Know Your Piano
â??Keys A – G
â??Describing Piano Scales
â??Basics of Sheet Music
â??Lines and Spaces
â??Rhythm and Sheet Music
â??All About Piano Keys
â??Putting it all Together with Chords
â??Fake Books and Improvisation
â??Music Vocab for Beginners
â??Choosing Music to Play
â??Practicing on your Own
â??Playing for Friends and Family
â??Playing for Public Events
â??Tips for Beginners
â??Piano Lessons and Teachers
â??Lifetime Enjoyment
â??And more…

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