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Confessions of Murder: Exposing the False Confessions created from the Mr. Big Stings

by Alan R. Warren

It started with a frantic call for help from Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay, when the two boys arrived home at just after 2 a.m. on July 13, 1994, and found Rafay’s family brutally beaten to death in their Bellevue, Washington, home. Who would kill this well-liked family in such a horrific way? Police had no physical evidence and no witnesses; the case was a dead end! It was time to bring in Mr. Big!

Mr. Big is a covert investigation where undercover detectives create a fictitious criminal gang and seduce their suspects into joining them in their criminal activities, and police would soon gain their suspects’ confidence and elicit a confession from them.

Burns and Rafay would eventually confess on tape to undercover detectives and be convicted of the three murders of Rafay’s family. In the last 25 years, the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) have run more than 350 Mr. Big operations on suspects of crimes where there was no evidence found and have had a 95% success rate in prosecution.

It was in July 2014 when the Supreme Court of Canada ruled unanimously that confessions arising from the Mr. Big operations would be considered presumptively inadmissible on another case against Nelson Hart. The Mr. Big Sting in the Hart case was said to have overwhelming inducements, veiled threats of violence, and intimidation and considered an abuse of process by the police.

So now what will happen to the hundreds of other cases that have been tried by this unreliable procedure in which the Mr. Big coerced confession was the only evidence used to convict the suspect? This book will cover the cases that have now been brought back into court on appeals based on the Mr. Big operation, and will explain the outcomes.

Albert Einstein: In Popular Lyrics

by Clinton R. LeFort


There have been hundreds of bands, artists and songwriters who have used the name of Albert Einstein in modern lyrics. They use Einstein to drive him a point about their lyrics story. It could be love, loss of love or some other metaphorical theme, but it comes back to the great physicist who was world renowned.
Einstein was a great lover of music. He played the violin from a youth. Often he turned to music to calm himself and to take his mind away from his deep problems. According to Gerald Holton (1998) culture development, such as music and literature, were a great part of the Nobel Laureate’s development as a child. Einstein was constantly keeping up with the German social developments in the arts and sciences. This exposure to art and science by Albert Einstein’s Mother and Father were an excellent source of inspiration for the growing mind of Einstein. It is not unusual for Einstein to be part of a cultural revolution since he has been the subject of many works of art. (Kupper, 2014) This little work focuses on a limited way in which the great German professor has captured our attention thru his name in Popular music lyrics.


by Darwin Phillips

This is an Autobiography of a young Black man that was sent to live with his grandmother and aunts as both parents went to hospital with TB, the story begins with that early childhood, my parents returning, living and growing and entering the Military which was not quite ready for me yet but i served my country and got my honorable discharge regardless

ANNY: An Answer in the Name

by Anam Ahmad

Anny is a story about a girl who discovers all her answers by connecting with her life. Its a biography of a woman who truly believes in what she is today is not a credit to her abilities but her decisions. Her childhood, Friends, Career, commitments how they all broke her and how she would find her broken pieces and fix them back through the power of guidance.

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