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Achaemenid Empire: A Captivating Guide to the First Persian Empire Founded by Cyrus the Great, and How This Empire of Ancient Persia Fought Against the Ancient Greeks in the Greco-Persian Wars

by Captivating History

Did you know that the Achaemenid Persian Empire stretched from North Africa to Central Asia?

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If ranked by population percentage, the Achaemenid Empire, also known as the First Persian Empire, is the largest Empire the world has ever seen with 44% of the world’s population belonging to it.

But despite its remarkable conquests, riches, and astonishing achievements in fields such as engineering, the Achaemenid Empire has remained shrouded in mystery.

But that is about to change. In this new captivating history book, you will discover the truth about this startling empire.

In Achaemenid Empire: A Captivating Guide to the First Persian Empire Founded by Cyrus the Great, and How This Empire of Ancient Persia Fought Against the Ancient Greeks in the Greco-Persian Wars you will…

  • Discover how the Achaemenid Empire got its start, as well as the conditions that allowed their culture to grow and prosper
  • Learn how Cyrus the Great came to power and the remarkable ways in which he and his successors ruled the empire
  • Get insights into the Achaemenid style of warfare, including rituals, strategies and tactics they used to conquer their foes as well as how they protected themselves against intruders
  • Learn about the roles and obligations of the people, who and how they worshipped, including their beliefs
  • Discover how the royalty lived in lavish luxury and how they had other people carry out their wishes
  • Learn about the rituals that were part of their daily lives, and how those rituals were performed
  • Discover little-known facts such as the cause that ultimately led to their downfall, the lessons learned from their history and what we can take away as a modern society
  • And much, much more!

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Appalachian Indians of the Warrior Mountains

by Rickey Butch Walker

Appalachian Indians of the Warrior Mountains embodies the American Indian history of southern Appalachia, along with an underlying deep love of great Native places such as the High Town Path, Melton’s Bluff, and Doublehead’s Town. Rickey Butch Walker describes his childhood backyard using details that will paint a picture before your eyes of the life and times of Indian people. Find out the history of our Native Americans of the Southeastern United States, hear a story about a battle and love of a young Chickasaw maiden Magnolia, listen to the passion Chickasaw maiden Magnolia, listen to the passion of Walker’s voice as you read about the struggle of the removal of his own people to another land, and embark through time as you read this book.

It is so important to preserve the history of our aboriginal people and realize that they played an important part of what our country is today. Some historians and books would like to start American history with Columbus, the founding presidents, or the first Thanksgiving where Indians are first mentioned. The truth is our story as Native Americans and our American history starts way before Columbus; the first people struggled for survival thousands of years before European explorers made their first appearance in this country.

Rickey Butch Walker does an excellent job in this book of keeping our past alive for present day; and, he gives this gift to our youth in order for them to have a record and recollection of their ancestors for years to come. Without these facts being passed or these stories being told, our heritage would slowly fade and dry up like a grape in the sun. I appreciate the fact that Rickey Butch Walker fights to keep our American Indian stories of the Southeastern United States fading from the pages of history.

The Long and Winding Road

by Lawrence Cada

After the Author wrote his previous book he decided to try his hand on a much longer version that tells the story of a young man that is thrust into a position he has to fight to stay alive. I hope you like my story.

The Bishop’s Wife

by Gillian Bence Jones

In THE BISHOP’S WIFE we see William Pitt the Younger through the eyes of
Elizabeth, the wife of Bishop Pretyman, who was Pitt’s tutor and one of his closest friends. We see how funny and friendly Pitt was in private.

As Elizabeth’s story unfolds we encounter a breath taking gallery of eighteenth century leading lights, both social and political: William Wilberforce, Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville, George Canning, George Castlereagh, Sir John Moore, and, not least, Lord Horatio Nelson and the Duke of Wellington. We see the King and Queen, the poet William Wordsworth and painter J. M. W Turner, all in a vivid social and political setting as England faces turbulent times, and as she defeats Napoleon to gain control of the seas and consolidate her empire.

Amish Pie Recipes

by Mary Jameson

When the Amish settled in Pennsylvania, they brought their love of pastries with them. Pies quickly became a mainstay of their diet which included the famous “shoofly” pie.
“The desserts became part of our sustenance,” Amish historian Abigail Marks said. “The women made pies for men when they went to work in the fields and pies when they came home.”
The pies were not limited to just an after dinner dessert. They became a convenient way to feed a lot of hungry mouths.
“We used to eat pies at almost every meal,” Marks said. “But that was back in the 1940s. I’m sure it goes way beyond that. There are numerous pies on the Amish menu, many of which have been forgotten.”
What is presented here is the “old-school” way of doing things in the Amish country. Not all recipes come from the modern health-conscious mindset. But if certain ingredients are replaced than something would be lost in the translation. What was important here is the creation of a good pie not a low fat dessert.

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