Free horror Kindle books for 06 Aug 18

GirlFight: Model Kombat (Angel Cover, Variant B)

by Kelcey Coe

Cover features actress & Vogue model
Jordan Bunniie

Inspired by true events, GirlFight: Model Kombat empowers women by shattering through the glass ceiling, opening doors to an all-female ensemble featuring many models and actresses from various genres put into movie roles in this deadly martial arts mashup typically oriented to males.

Think You Want to be a Model… Think Again!

It’s the annual Spring Break and mafia-controlled Buckeye City is looking to make a killing. Not only will the city be bustling with the cutest college coeds but Ohio’s Next Top Model Fashion Show looks to award the best girl with a cash prize and contract into a state-wide agency.

Beat the Best… Or Die Like the Rest!

When the world’s deadliest assassins, Russell Brown, and his wife, deadly yet sexy femme fatale and model wannabe Rachel, catch wind of this news, they capture the opportunity to lure the fashion show’s talent into a deadly bloodsport tournament by offering them a chance at a multi-million dollar contract with an international modeling agency.

How Bad Do You Want It?

Hungry for fortune and glory, the girls go all out in proving you have to beat the best… or die like the rest to be the best – from betrayal to literally tearing each other to shreds! Allegiances will be tested; alliances will be broken – no one can be trusted! Girls just want to fight like a girl throughout this elaborately caged model combat like never before imagined!

It’s a Bloodsport… For Girls Only!

Brutal bare knuckle and brass knuckle boxing to bone-brunching fistfights with barb-wire and glass fuel this ultra-violent nightmare horror feature film from, LLC!

Opera Lover

by Cheryce Clayton

What would you do if you woke up and realized you had hours before becoming a zombie? Yeah…. Well, not everyone is as noble as you……

King Cage and the Slaughterhouse Blues

by Mike Stop Continues

“First it eats, then it drinks, then we’re screwedâ?¦”

Legendary graffiti artist King Cage just wants to paint. To hell with fame and fortune, no matter what his sidekick says. But when a blue djinni breaks free of its portrait, the King is forced to venture into the upstairs world, pitting his own need for privacy against the djinni’s need to eat.

With an art dealer under his heels and the NYPD’s best on his tail, the King must distract his pursuers from the djinni while hunting it, both above ground and in the wild world below. But with every kill, the djinni gets a little smarter, a little stronger… and much, much larger.

Will the King put an end to the djinni’s gargantuan appetite, or will heâ??and all of New York Cityâ??be consumed by it?

King Cage and the Slaughterhouse Blues is a gritty, superhero adventure that fuses Godzilla’s explosive action with Neverwhere’s mystical underground in this gripping fight-to-the-death. If you loved Cloverfield, Project Nemesis, or Ghostbusters, you’ll love book two of The King Cage Chronicles.

Stephen King’s Trousers (The Dave NonsenseTrilogy Book 2)

by D G Jones

Slithering from the deep dark underground, award winning anarchist writer D G Jones returns with a trio of mini books filled with his own brand of horror, humour and general piss taking. Often described as a writer who is highly disturbed, dangerously insane and that weird bloke who likes cats, these new collections contain some of his most amusing and disgusting tales. One minute cringing in horror, the next completely bemused or soiling themselves with laughter, the reader is treated to some of the best weird and wonderful fiction around. Recently reviewed as “having someone pulling out your entrails while telling you naff jokes from a Christmas Cracker”, this collection is a must for those seeking the strange, unusual and the downright silly.

Volume two of The Dave Nonsense Trilogy, this volume contains the mildest stories…

Follow Dave on Twitter @theflayedprince if he can figure out how to work it.

(Warning please do not buy if easily offended and/or nauseated. These are mini books of short stories only, not full length novels).

Collection Two.

Stephen King’s Trousers (And More Dave Nonsense)

Stephen King’s Trousers: a gang of thieves in the year 2153 have been contracted to steal the legendary trousers of a certain well known horror writer.

My House Has A Ghost: Is it possible to win a battle of wits with a ghost? Especially when you’re a twenty three year old idiot?

The Stonefish: The epic tragi-comedy of three words.

The Chimes of Midnight: Our brave hero is obsessed with paperclips and telekinesis, which can only end badly.

Rainbow Island: It’s said the entire population can fit on the Isle of Wight, but that doesn’t mean they can get along.

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