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An Amish Strength

by Hannah Morton

A collection of Amish romance and life stories in Ohio and Pennsylvania…
Mary is still contemplating on being baptized in the Amish church. She has had a glimpse of the outside world and finds it to be a place of wonder. Her rebellious spirit puts her at odds with a lot of the women in town and she isn’t very well-liked. But soon there is someone keeping her there…Cole…He is as cautious as she is wild but devilishly handsome and kind. The two find out that the adage of ‘opposites attract’ is true but will they realize that only ‘similarities’ will keep them together. Will Mary stay or go? Will Cole lead or follow?
Nancy is a young Amish woman who struggles to take care of her ailing mother. As her mother’s condition deteriorates, so does the mental stability of her siblings. Nancy is at her wit’s end trying to keep it all together when a handsome neighbor moves in next door. His name is Joseph and over time she falls head over heels in love with him. But does she want to expose him to all of the turmoil in her life?

Some Smaller Grace

by Noelle Carle

Set against the backdrop of northern Maine’s gently rolling potato fields, Some Smaller Grace tells the story of concert pianist Jill Summers’ tragic loss of her grandparents and the questions their deaths raise in her own heart. Through her interactions with richly earthy characters and humble, heartwarming settings, Jill finds the sense of purpose she’s always longed for and the forgiveness she never expected. Some Smaller Grace is a redemptive tale that reminds us of the power of quiet faith and simple pleasures.

Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress with 525 Illustrations Part One-A

by Laurie Bluedorn

Pilgrim’s Progress like you’ve never seen it before.

525 illustrations, many in color, chosen from dozens of sources over the span of 250 years.

The text of The Pilgrim’s Progress used is in modern English while preserving John Bunyan’s original meaning, his doctrine, and his quaint, charming, and most memorable style of expression.

Combine the unforgettable text with the magnificent illustrations, and you have a child’s enchantment.

When the book describes such scenes as Christian wounding Apollyon, or trapped in the net of the Flatterer; or Faithful before Lord Hate-good in Vanity Fair; or Hopeful languishing in Giant Despair’s dungeon; or Atheist laughing at Christian, you will have dozens of imaginative illustrations to enhance the experience.

This book is Part One of Pilgrim’s Progress (Christian’s journey to the Celestial City — Part Two is about Christiana’s journey), and because of the large size of the document, we had to break it into two parts — Part One-A and Part One-B.

Hearts on Fire: A Collection of Ladies Textual and Topical Studies Boxed Set

by Susan Elliott

It’s time to study and learn what God has in store for you!

Whether your feeling lonely, discouraged or blessed, this boxed set is bound to lift your spirits and encourage you on the most important walk of your life — your Christian walk!

Why spend a moment longer searching for something to help you study God’s word when you can get this nine book boxed set in one volume?

Join the study today, and rekindle the fire in your heart for God!

Hearts on Fire is a collection of Susan Elliott’s favorite study books in one volume. This collection is perfect for anyone who’s in charge of selecting the Bible class curriculum for ladies classes.  Now you can enjoy these excellent books in one complete volume. Every book in the set is available in print and suited well for personal study and classroom settings.  

This amazing collection includes:

  • My Heart Will Not be Troubled 
  • Let Your Light Shine: A Study of the Good Samaritan 
  • Privileged to Rejoice 
  • Life Lessons from The Book of Ruth: A Woman’s Inspirational Study Guide for Living 
  • Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth: A II Timothy Study Guide
  • Redeemed, Purified & Peculiar: A Study of Titus 
  • Daily Devotionals: Daily Spiritual Growth for Your Life 
  • Will You Be My Friend? Growing Friends in the Church 
  • Humanism: A Christian’s Greatest Enemy!

New Year’s Revolutions

by Chautona Havig

Meet Neal Kirkpatrick: project manager, staunch atheist, and town grump. Aside from an apparent soft spot for a neighborhood boy, the man has nothing to recommend him.

So when he overhears criticism from a neighbor he secretly respects, Neal decides maybe it’s time for professional help. With the same straightforward tenacity he uses in his job, Neal goes on a hunt for a therapist to help him unravel the mystery of himself.

Things only become more complicated, and humorous, as that therapist, Shari, begins the untangling process, Neal discovers things about himself he never knew and certainly didn’t expect. And those revelations send his life into a frightening and delightful tailspin. Is it worth it?

Is she worth it?

Is He worth it?

His New Year will have resolutions, of course. But Neal is more concerned with his New Year’s Revolutions!

You met him in Christmas Stalkings. Now it’s time to get to know him.

New Year’s Revolutions: his life is spinning out of control, and his heart isn’t far behind!

Life Through A Device: Unlock Your Mind, Rather Than Your Phone

by William Civitillo

Life Through a Device is a study of how technology has engulfed the world around us. Social Media has taken the world by storm and people especially from my generation are falling victim. I am 23 years old upon publishing this book so I grew up with the feverishly growing technology. With such a fast paced world, I feel as though we forget the simple things in life such as the simple act of synchronicity. I wrote this book to expose all of the cons that come with social media and what it can bring out in a person, or should I say hold in? The psychology of inter-personal relationships has dramatically changed over the past decade. Are we moving forward as a society or are all drowning in a sea of self?

Decluttering: Clutter Free Life Secrets, or How to Organize Your Home and Live Stress Free Life

by Slava Planet

Organize Your Home and Live Stress Free Life!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is Decluttering/Minimalism?
  • Benefits of Decluttering
  • To Dos and Checklist for Decluttering
  • Areas to Declutter
  • Declutter Social Media
  • Declutter Your Computer
  • Phases of Decluttering
  • What to do with All the Stuff you have
  • Learn to be a Minimalist

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