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Monsters Inside Me

by Tabitha Hawk

An anthology of thrillers to keep you guessing…Morgan Bristol is a successful attorney that is very adept at getting his guilty clients off. But his home life is a stark difference to his in court successes. He’s finally had enough with his wife and decides to kill her. He tries to cover up her murder by his plan is discovered by his Mexican housekeeper who has had a crush on him from the start. Seeing an opportunity, the young maid blackmails her way into his home. The two then begin a cat and mouse game with survival as the only goal.

Euphoria (The Thornfield Affair Book 1)

by Amity Cross

No one cared to give her a name.
And his came with the weight of the world.

Orphaned as an infant, Jane Doe has nothing, but desires everything life has to offer.
When she’s offered work at Thornfield, a grand English manor turned hotel, she meets her match in the dark and brooding proprietor, Edward Rochester.
He’s arrogant, moody, and hurtful, but as Jane’s attraction grows for this strange and powerful man, so does her spirit. Soon enough, tensions rise to breaking point, and they become embroiled in an illicit affair of the mind and body. An affair that neither is strong enough to turn from.
But Edward harbors a dark secret, one he is reluctant to share, even with his new confidant Jane. It’s a secret so dark and shocking it could tear them apart forever.
Can Jane choose between what is right and her one chance at true happiness?
Welcome to Thornfield where two lost souls are destined to loveâ?¦no matter the cost.

From International Bestselling author Amity Cross, comes Euphoria, the first novel of The Thornfield Affair, a modern reimagining of Charlotte Brontë’s classic Jane Eyre.


by Janet DSL

Nothing but the good stuff in this naughty bundle… ready for something hot to heat up your night? Check out this dirty, dirty — and even DIRTIER collection!

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