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Double Exposition (Songs and Sonatas Book 1)

by Jerica MacMillan

I was trying to do my homework
when the sexiest smile I’ve ever seen asked to share my table.

He looked familiar, and I just couldn’t figure out why …
until a nosy friend let it slip that he’s Jonny B.
Former member of the boyband Brash.
And my first celebrity crush.
He’s been out of the spotlight for years,
so I have no qualms about dating him as our relationship progresses.
Then a video of him playing one of his new songs goes viral.
The media fallout is insane, pushing him back into a life he said he didn’t want anymore.
But he was either lying to himself or lying to me,
because the next thing I know, he’s hiring a manager.
The only question left is
can we survive his return to fame?


by Brannon Jackson

When Brannon Jackson enters a reputable art college, his dreams of becoming an artist quickly crumble. His dorm room is a dump. His roommate is a horny hipster. And one of his first professors is a tyrant packaged in pixie form. Things get worse when he inherits secondhand stink on the college bus, stumbles into a series of sexual situations, and nearly gets kicked out of his assigned housing.

Brannon’s priorities go from purchasing paints to preventing panic attacks as he attempts to navigate the complex and frightening word of human relations. Stunted by several social pitfalls, including public speaking, dating strangers, and escalating tension with his roommate, he soon discovers his college course load is the easy part. It’s the people placed in his path who aren’t providing passing marks.

Combining heartbreak and hilarity, this coming-of-age confessional composites a portrait of a young man’s attempt to become an artist and adult in an environment of hot weather, cold hearts, and an abundance of art school nudity.

Garage Band Theory â?? GBTool 09 Melody Harmony Scales & Chords: Music theory for non music majors, livingroom pickers & working musicians who want to think … Tools the Pro’s Use to Play by Ear Book 10)

by Duke Sharp

Everything in this book came from Garage Band Theory and there’s loads more useful stuff there.

Here we’ll take a look at how all these items and ideas fit together and how you can use them to play songs by ear.

It’s gonna require a decent working knowledge of most of the vocabulary that’s found in the previous chapters, but if you’re already speaking music, you won’t have any trouble here.

I think that people who play exclusively by ear understand this stuff intuitively and it certainly looks and sounds like pure magic when they’re doing it.

But for the rest of us, it’s really helpful to go through it slowly, look at the illustrations and examples and you’ll start seeing the relationships right away.

This is non Academic, practical, useful theory for living-room pickers and working musicians who want to be able to think coherently about music in order to ask questions and understand answers about the music they want to play.

The stuff in GBT is about understanding The Beatles and The Rolling Stones,  Cole Porter and Duke Ellington, The Grateful Dead and Vampire Weekend.

It’s NOT about analyzing Bach Fugues… but you’ll be able to if you want to.

It was written for the 99% of musicians who are NOT music majors by a incorrigible honky-tonk guitar player who plays by ear … but understands the relevant vocabulary and what’s sensible and useful for MOST players.

“Garage Band Theory is a must for any musician.” Rodney Crowell

“Don’t be put off by this giant book – Duke’s got the secrets of the universe in here. Quite simply, this is the most comprehensive book on music theory I’ve ever seen.”
Bill Payne (Little Feat)

“Something for every musician at any level. Especially helpful is the musical notation and tablature for a variety of instruments. This book inspires me to learn and practice more.”
Sam Bush

“Garage Band Theory is a veritable encyclopedia of useful tools and tips.This book lifts the lid off the “black box” of music theory and let’s the light shine in – and in a fun, practical way.
This is a book which should be left handily lying around the living room, bedside, studio, classroom, (restroom?) – ready to be dipped into at any time for reference purposes or just to improve or refresh one’s fluency in the language of music.
A great resource for musicians young and old no matter what your training. For the price of a one-hour lesson, GBT offers a lifetime of learning.”
Alasdair Fraser

“Garage Band Theory let me know how little I know… but in a good way.  It’s a great book!” Sterling C Ball CEO, Ernie Ball Inc.

“This book is written in the people’s key.” Kostas

“Garage Band Theory offers you everything you need to know to understand, play and make your own music. Because he is both an accomplished musician and teacher, Sharp’s Garage Band Theory is an excellent guide for beginners and more advanced players alike.” Sam Barry, author, musician

No matter which instrument you want to play, the advice, inspiration and down-to-earth tips in this book will help you get to your goal.

Duke Sharp draws on a lifetime of experience playing, writing, recording and teaching music.

Garage Band Theory demystifies music theory and, in the process, shows how to apply basic music theory to the art of playing by ear and composition.

The Fight for Random (Common Lot Quartet Book 1)

by David Grant

Ethnically shape-shifting Stride and his ragtag bunch of Peace Parasites nonviolently fight against the moneyed powers-that-be to make democracy real.
It takes a solar-powered blimp, time travel, levitation, a soulful blues band on a river barge, and a passel of bicycling tax collectors to drum up a projected future government that really is — despite all the sometimes scatological and often magical-realist hocus-pocus — a viable next step towards a democracy that isâ?¦ Of, By and Forâ?¦ The People.
One of the most intellectually stimulating scripts I’ve read in a long time. Both the Tea Party and the Occupy Movement could find this concept appealing. — Lyn Vaus, Screenwriter, “Next Stop Wonderland”
It is accepted as democratic when public offices are allocated by lot; and as oligarchic when they are filled by election.
— Aristotle, Politics, Book IV
“The government ought to possess â?¦, the mind or sense of the people at large. The legislature ought to be the most exact transcript of the whole society.” — James Wilson, signer of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution

Tinos. The last jewel in the crown of Venice: Culture Hikes in the Greek Islands

by Denis Roubien

You want to discover the cultural treasures of the Greek islands? This is the book for you.
This book is a travel story describing, through a large number of photos and detailed maps, a hiking tour in one of the culturally richest and yet one of the most misunderstood islands of Greece.
Last possession of Venice in the Aegean and thus last bastion of the Western World in the Eastern Mediterranean, Tinos boasts a wealth of cultural treasures, set in an exceptional landscape.
The fact that the church of the Virgin Mary in its port became the main pilgrimage of Greece resulted in the treasures of the hinterland remaining unknown to the wide public.
This book endeavours to cover this omission and give a glimpse of this cultural richness to the visitor who desires to discover it.
Among other things, it presents medieval settlements, monumental churches, picturesque chapels, artistic dovecotes and the island’s marble craftsmanship, inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Costa Brava: Begur [Platja Fonda] (50 images) (French Edition)


La visite (photographique) sur la magnifique côte de Begur est un prix incommensurable pour les sens et un cadeau incomparable pour l’esprit.
Album de 50 photos.
[Catalogne, Espagne, Europe]

Formentera (Ses Illetes) [IT] (Italian Edition)


Benvenuti nel paradiso! Compilazione di fotografie di Ses Illetes a Formentera (Isole Baleari, Spagna).
Album di 50 immagini.

DA VINCI ENAMORADO: La interminable historia de amor de Da Vinci y Mona Lisa. (Spanish Edition)

by Lázaro Droznes

Leonardo da Vinci recibe en su estudio de Florencia a Mona Lisa Ghirardini para realizar un retrato por encargo de su marido.

Da Vinci retiene esta pintura en su poder, nunca se la entrega al cliente y la lleva consigo en todas sus mudanzas hasta el final de su vida.

Fue un largo idilio con la mujer ideal que se prolongó durante el resto de su vida a través de más de 20 años de retoques permanentes.

Esta ficción dramática recrea la relación de Leonardo con la Gioconda, con su asistente Salai y con la naturaleza en su búsqueda de la verdad y de la belleza. La pintura sigue cautivando luego de varios siglos a toda la humanidad y sigue planteando las mismas preguntas que se hiciera Da Vinci:

¿Por qué sonríe La Gioconda? ¿Qué misterio que esconde esta mujer? ¿Qué misterio esconden las mujeres?

Como dijera el Gran Leonardo: “la belleza es verdad y la verdad es belleza”. Esta obra intenta penetrar en estos misterios que impregnan toda la obra de Da Vinci.

¡Descargue hoy el libro y comparta desde hoy estos misterios eternos!

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